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Everything that makes the 109 difficult, but worse.


The Spitfire has a real balance issue - tap the brakes for longer than 280 milliseconds and the tail lifts off the ground, even in slow taxis. I’m not sure I believe this is accurate, but it’s definitely challenging - I’ve struck more than a few props with what I thought was a gentle application of the brakes. Add to that the yoke-mounted brake handle and you’re in for a real fun time.

On top of that, they seem to have put a super heavy spring in the tailwheel strut. I keep finding myself bouncing uncomfortably along the taxiway or runway and it takes a while to damp out.


It looks the retractable type had a hydraulic damper. Couldn’t find anything about the non RG free castoring version though. Really curious about that design now. I suppose those grass fields have a habit of bouncing you around anyway, I know the 208 I skydived from at one of the island was quite bouncy when cutting straight across(to save the taxi ways for the slightly less able aircraft).


Probably you did already, but did you try some extreme adjusting of the brake’s sensitivity curve?


the spinning propeller disc is almost unnoticeable on those nice shots… what a relief!!! :+1:


It would be great to see some more Normandy images :kissing_smiling_eyes:


I have just gone through this thread after neglecting it since last June. It reflects all the new modules in order, but boy you guys go sooooo OTT on the Mirage :wink:


You know it’s a sexy aircraft Cib!



The technical changes in the engine are quite impressive!

The boats look spectacular as well!

Approaching the cruiser.

Which is rolling (slightly) in the waves.

Back to the coast, the waves breaking on the shore are also impressive. When you get down low, you can see that they have a little height to them as well … which is likely spectacular in VR!

Of course, all of this is made better with a video!


Amazing pal, many thanks for sharing! :wink:

I think, there should be more waves breaking in to the coast, even in good weather conditions as the beach is always covered with a white strip. In previous ED videos I remember watching this but seems like its been tamed down.

Nice aproach btw!!:relaxed:


Let’s ask the hard questions-

Does the sea surface react to falling rain?
Is snow better implemented compared to Caucasus?


[quote=“komemiute, post:612, topic:2309”]
Does the sea surface react to falling rain?[/quote]

No, but it does react to wind.

Dunno. Seasons not implemented in the Early Access. We’ll see if they have it in the initial release at the end of the month!


Many thanks!


Prerequisite for…



Set up a mission with a 19 m/s wind and USS Normandy (CG-60) heading (roughly) into the wind at 10 knots. The UH-1H had to keep a speed of roughly 50 knots. I couldn’t get it on the deck … the waves and ship roll were impressive!


No rush… I’m fine. Think I’ll just wait a while before I download it anyway, just to allow some bandwidth for the rest of the world. :tired_face:

Seriously, that sea looks incredible!

I actually believe that by the end of the year I’ll be trapping Hornets, and maybe Tomcats, on decks rolling and heaving in that environment. :heart_eyes:


My new toy :smiley: I also set the screenshot quality to 100% in DCS to see if it makes a difference.


Would one of y’all Normandy early access users please check this:

fly at night
fly over water
use lights (for example the Huey’s search light or the A-10C’s landing lights)
CHECK if the lights light up the surface of the water.

Then please report back and tell me that works.

Also: I assume an AFM plane (like a heli) still can’t properly stand on a ship, right? I imagine I would have heard the rejoicing if that had changed already.


Sorry man, but at least the light over the water’s surface is not working. It would be nice to see the water iluminated.


There are some lighting issues in DCS…
Own aircraft lights are too bright in the day. I have never seen my landing lights light up the runway in broad daylight, IRL.
RWY and other aircraft lights are too weak when viewed from a distance.
Wonder if this is tweaked in Normady, since that seems to have new lighting, or if it will be tweaked in 2.5.