10 yrs ago lost Positive G

10 years ago we lost a great online friend, Positive G from the SimHQ community and Xbox Live community. A great guy willing to help anyone with tech or game issues. One of my best friends I never meet. RIP. Not Forgotten.


Where does the time go? :pensive:


It is telling that he is still talked about. Played some Arma with him way back then…and exchanged some PMs over on SimHQ. Always seemed like a genuine guy. Taken way too soon. Hope his family is doing well…

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Not forgotten. Many weekends spent playing Arma with PositiveG. I can still hear his voice.

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10 years ago… Imagine that.

Wow ten years. What a loss, still feel it

Still remember him from the LB2 resurgence almost 15 years ago now. +G was always spread around on so many sims and connected with so many people. Seems unreal how long it’s been…

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Unfortunately I never got the pleasure of knowing him, virtually or otherwise.