138 Terabytes per Square Inch

An article from a couple years ago I just found again and figured it’s worth sharing. As sim pilots we are data hoarders and perhaps should be investors!


That’s great stuff. I knew soms guys that were in this type of research and the caveat (for them)was that despite the great capacity, the bitrate was too low for consumer applications. Let’s hope this one does if they ever develop a product from it.

I am hoping that it pans out and also they don’t get an offer to but the tech, sell it, and then find the buyer shelving it because it would hurt the current storage industry. Under the assumption that transfer rates are acceptable, it would lead to an overnight monopoly if this tech is bought up and commercially viable.

Imagine you could go to a store (after COVID, haha) and buy MSFS2020 like FSX, but in the box is one “drive” that contains the entire global data set, and then you just go online for updates - defeating the whole streaming idea.

There’s even the application of things like space travel where if we ever colonize the Moon or say Mars, we could send astronauts with the entirety of human knowledge of engineering, medicine etc - which certainly beats trying to setup WiFi across that distance! :grin: