1C and Team Fusion joins forces..!

Ok! See what you mean, and I agree… Start charging money and expectations increase.
But, with the source code the TF guys will have a much easier task ahead of them. They don’t have to reverse engineer everything.

I’m happy about that news- in the end CloD need “closure” so to speak. A nice way to end.

As for the cost of a patch… eh.
I can see why people that spend thousands on peripherals and new PC parts might find hard to digest a now-and-then cost of a dozen bucks. Yep. Totally.


All in all good news I’d say…


Looks like the ‘for sale’ thing is regional perhaps? Here’s the steam widget that will show differently to different regions people view it in. For Canada it is currently for sale for $10.

I think if it’s good for TF and they are happy with how it is going then it’s a good idea by 1C. The more things to fly the merrier I say.

almost everyone :grinning: people just love to complain…


I would have to think they will make the updates to CloD free and then charge for their new theatre, but that is just my guess… but I agree with everyone, glad to see TF getting some recognition, I was kinda hoping they would go 3rd party with ED :smiley:


Later in 2017, the first commercial add-on for Cliffs of Dover will be released. The add-on will be focused on the North Africa theater and will update the engine to DirectX 11 and include new airplanes, a new map and other content and improvements. There is a possibility that other theaters will be developed in the future pending the outcome of this first add-on. More information about the North Africa add-on will be made public in the coming weeks.
The Cliffs of Dover product line will be distinct and separate from the IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad line produced by 1C Game Studios. Both game engines will be developed separately by each team with the announced IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Kuban development schedule unchanged and unaffected by this announcement.

I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible has happened.

I feel it’s a great opportunity for Team Fusion and a great way to enlarge CloD original scope! Win Win!

Not sure, but expected a “War” of TF and 777 on “I,m the real Il-2” on near term :wink: . 1c has get a bad move put the “crown” on two different products and two different realistic lines. I think 1c has see the ears of the wolf (a third very dangerous competitor) and maked a rushed and risky movement to block the WW2 market.

Well, that’s neat! They put a lot of effort into that turd of a game to turn it into something approaching good.

And since TF actually turned a turd into something decent, with a source code they should be able to do some real good.

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I must be honest I don’t understand what you mean.
Jason stated that 1C is out of the picture as the rights of CloD are back to 777 and TFS is now basically a sibling company.

I have never heard that expression before. Cool!

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I think he means that now 1C is responsible for two products that directly compete with each other. That is usually odd for a small market as sales of one product will (likely) cannibalize sales of the other.

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Oh. But then again- my take is 1C is out of the CloD- thing now… I’ve been wrong before though! :stuck_out_tongue:

Aaaand I WAS wrong. Ubisoft is out- 1C is in and all is peaceful this Chirstmas. :slight_smile: Sorry guys.

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Exciting time for WW2 sim enthusiast, since Jason took the helm of 777, I witness a genuine effort to correct and to heal a divided community. I am truly pleased and thankful to all those involve in this deal.

A little more details From RAF74_Buzzsaw on ATAG Forum (sorry if it was posted already )


I agree! the projects Jason has involved himself in has really straightened up and started to fly right…
Now if he would make a RoF sequel, with VR…! :pray:

I don’t think it’s going to be Sim vs. Sim here… making CloD into Battle of… would take a lot of effort.
I’ll be a very happy simmer if CloD got VR support, and they fixed a few bugs, and I’ll have all the BoB sim I need.

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I agree even more :slight_smile:

Plus Merry Christmas to @777Studios_Jason if he’s reading too. :christmas_tree:


Hi everyone,

Some of you are off base with your comments about this partnership. I don’t have enough time to address every detail, but if you ask here I can try to answer a few to clarify things.

Oh and Merry Christmas to everyone here as well.



Merry xmas to you too Jason :slight_smile:

@777Studios_Jason Merry Christmas.