2018 Health & Fitness Thread

You know what is fantastic about starting the 2018 Health and Fitness thread? I can actually copy/paste my post from the 2017 Health and Fitness thread and it is entirely valid (except change age 45 to 46):

“I figured Jan. 1 was as good a time as any to start. I’ve actually been anxiously awaiting it - willing it forward so I could start. Long story short - I’m 45 years old, 6’ 2” and two years ago I was 190 lbs. and ran/swam/biked my first triathon. Fast forward to today - 235 lbs…! Insane!

So starting tomorrow this will be my weight loss diary. I’m probably going to start with light running, lots of hiking, and lots of biking to keep the damage to my knees minimal until I drop 20 pounds, then increase the running. 80% of the work will be done by diet alone…I’ve been eating like absolute crap the past two years. The goal is 185 lbs…

Hope everyone else finds great continued great or improved health and motivation this upcoming year! I’ll update my top post regularly."

So with the 2017 abject failure out of the way. Perhaps 2018 will provide better gains (or losses as it were). After all, I have to outswim the slowest snorkelers in Australia in July if I’m to avoid being eaten by a Great White…so that seems like reasonable incentive.

Good luck in 2018…!


I think you have an obligation to supply the sharks with a nutritional, healthy meal. So, before going to Australia, no sugar or alcohol. Ok?

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I’m free range, no horomone, antibiotic free. A delicacy for sure.

Ok. Good enough.
Just remember to shave. Nobody likes hair in their food.


I’m gonna give this thing a whirl too…maybe I can guilt-trip myself into getting more cardio if I have some statistics staring me in the face… :thinking:


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If not, you still got a cool gadget.

I wonder if I can look up nearby breweries on it.

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I will continue my sports program from 2017.
Probably won’t lose much weight. I guess 88kg is just what I am these days.
But shape it a bit better and stay relatively healthy is a goal so that’s what I am going to push for.

I had a hernia in 2017 and didn’t get it repaired until September, so that slowed me way down. I’ve spent the past two months trying to get back where I was and I recently wired up a treadmill, which is really helping a lot!

Like so many other things, staying consistent is the key.

I’m 48 years old and I’m still in this. I raced my dirt bike for the first time last year. Mainly because I want to ride in different areas; and to some extent because I’ve always wanted to race! I did well, but I learned that need more endurance training. I am usually doing some version of P90X; this year my plan will be to do P90X3 supplemented with lower heart rate training two or three times a week.
I experimented with heart rate training on the tread mill toward the end of last year and saw immediate results in my riding. I think P90X has been good for my max heart rate and power output, but the slow steady pace on the treadmill (I was keeping my heart rate around 140) allowed me to stretch out how long I could sustain the higher heart rates.
Everything I’ve been reading says that a rowing machine is the way to go, so I’m considering that. I think I can do some VR rowing too.

And I need to clean up my diet. They say you can’t out train a bad diet and I think I’ve proven them right. I will be tracking my body fat. Currently, I think I’m at about 28% and would like to see that come down to 23%. I had it down to 17% after finishing Insanity a few years ago, but there’s no chance that I would be able to sustain that, so I figure I’m shooting for something realistic.


I feel that my downfall is my food selection rather than my activity level. I mean, I could definitely ramp up the physical…but man, I make some bad food choices. I might switch to a glass or two of wine instead of a bucket of beer on the days I choose to have a beverage too.

My wife did this thing last year that was sponsored by American Airlines as a way to get their employees to make healthier choices. They were given a “lite” version of some eating right program that they were required to do by watching these timed videos. Anyway, the gist of some of them was to eat slower, allow your brain to process the amount of food you’ve eaten, and if you eat slower you will get the “full” trigger from your body and that will cause you to eat less. By all accounts (I know a few people or spouses from American that have done it) it works pretty well. My “on the road” eating habits are the worst. We rush out, grab food, and wolf it down because we are on a quick time-table to get back to the plane and depart…so I’ll have to curb that behavior.

That sounds reasonable; I’ve also read that you shouldn’t read or watch a screen while eating.

My youngest son (16) is one of the very few people I know that will stop eating when he’s satisfied. Even if it’s desert, when he’s done he knows it and stops eating.

Unfortunately, if there’s still milk in my glass, I will eat cookies or cake far beyond feeling full.


Weightloss comes from diet, unless your activity reaches professional athlete levels.
I have the same problem, and what do you know… We’re in the same line of business…! Shocking. I guess airport café food isn’t that healty after all. :wink:
I started on low carb diet (LCHF), and that has really made the blubber come off. The first few days to a week can be hard, as the metabolism changes into ketosis. But You can eat until you’re satisfied. Never have to go hungry. In fact, the blood sugar level remains very stable, as you burn fat instead of sugar/carbs.
Problem is that getting LCHF food in restaurants can be tricky. I always order a steak with a sallad and ditch the fries, for instance.
It also means no more subs. No beer. Red wine is ok, but not too often as burning alcohol stops the ketosis temporarily.
Here’s a great site about it

Yes! I did a Keto (very low carb) diet a couple years ago when I was training for a triathlon. It worked very well. As you say, it is amazing when you start looking at labels and products on the shelf and see how much sugar is put into everything (ketchup, pasta sauces, etc…)

I got into it pretty good - even found some great Keto deserts that were pretty good (Keto chocolate mug cake was my favorite). I made keto pancakes, pizza crust from almond flour, all kinds of stuff. And yes, when it kicks in…it works good. You can even have a beer or two if you choose the low carb stuff like Michelob Ultra or Corona Platinum…

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Ok, then you know what I’m talking about. Works great for me. I must admit I have been cheating these past few months, with studies, and cmdr training. My focus has been on work, not health, and I’m paying for it. :wink:

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My goal is just to keep doing what I have been for the last year, maybe take it up a notch if time allows for it.

Here is my year in cycling:

That’s a beautiful little summary video…!

Well, I did a 30 minute indoor ride to start this process. Official 2018 beginning weigh in came in at 228 lbs. (I’m 6’ 2")… End goal is ~180 lbs. I even bought a size 33 pair of swim trunks to take to Australia and I’ve hung them in front of my stationary bike as motivation… :biking_man:

Did you buy a pair of budgie smugglers?

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Need owl smugglers myself.

Fitbit can be pretty ridiculous with the rah-rah stuff sometimes…


On the other hand…I do find some of the data pretty cool, although you have to take it with a grain of salt. The sleep pattern stuff is really interesting. I’m actually tempted to send the thing back because I’m worried the data could be used against me at some point down the road (fatigue is the constant pilot battle). It brings up some interesting legal implications. Anyway…post more on that later…wife just got home and I expect a hug for getting all the Christmas lights down…!