2019 FIFA Women's World Cup

Anybody watching? I’ve caught bits and pieces (US cable providers aren’t making it easy on us to watch, ANYWHERE), and I’ve finally had a chance to catch most of the USA/ Thailand match. It’s almost painful how one-sided this has been, but it’s cool seeing what the USWNT has up their sleeve for the rest of the group play.

I’ll have to tune in. Like you said…they sometimes don’t make it easy to find…!

Easy easy group for the us. But 13-0… Jesus.

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Long road ahead, but they have a good team.

Would love to see the US team get spanked even harder for retribution.


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The US women really dominated there.
The last time we have seen such a thing was 2007 when Germany beat China 11:0

In Germany this world cup sadly isn’t really popular. Partly because men’s soccer is our #1 sport so women playing it is still seen as “not real soccer” by many men.
And that’s despite the fact that we have a really good team.

I am going to watch a few games at least. Our first match against China was quite a bit harder than expected, the quality is definitely improving all around the world.
Despite such things as the 13:0 that just happened. The best teams can beat the worst ones pretty solidly, and the USA are among the best. But then that also happens in men’s soccer, there has been a 6:0 or higher in almost every world cup. Not as impressive as a 13:0 but still pretty darn high. Such a difference between teams doesn’t happen between top teams.
…well… unless you count the semifinal 2014 when the Brasilians had a total blackout.

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Whoa whoa whoa… slow down. Harassment!


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Lol, if they added that to the game it would probably make for much higher ratings.


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Well United States already invented Lingerie Football so… yeah…

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Yeah, the less said about that, the better.

I could rant for several hours about the fact that the Women’s National Team is paid so much less than the men’s, but I’ll save that for another place on the internet. Especially when you look at World Cup wins and viewership.

Two goals - two wins. That’s German efficiency :joy:

Yeah, that looked like it was a lot of work and the beauty of the game had to be dialed back a bit in favour of a good result.

I always remember when Per Mertesacker (part of the 2014 world champion men’s soccer national team, defender) said to a journalist: “what do you want? Should we instead play pretty and lose again?” :smile:
That was a glorious interview. Legendary.

Background for those who don’t know: it was after a 120 minute match against Algeria during the World Cup in Brasil, which the German Team barely won, and the journalist basically said: “Ok, you won, but you have to play better, that didn’t look so good”, to which a visibly exhausted Mertesacker said the above, plus: “These are the last 16 teams of the World Cup, there is no carneval troupe among them” (hinting at the fact that Algeria was not such an easy opponent after all).

For a moment I feared there was a Men’s Lingerie Football Series…


I mean, shouldn’t there be, in the name of fairness, equity, and inclusion?


I would actually like it if they slotted in the Women’s World Cup with the Men’s WC. You capture the audience, and I don’t care if I’m watching men, women, or high school soccer…once I’m watching a game, it’s hard to turn it off. Someone watching a USA vs. Germany Men’s World Cup match that rolls into a USA Women’s vs. Brazil Women’s game might actually linger. I’m guessing there are reasons not to do it, but I think it would significantly elevate the women’s soccer.

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It could work.
I mean: It works for the Olympics, why not for other sports events?

The level is decent by now. Sure, the likes of Messi are not yet seen in women’s soccer, but then there are enough bad players in men’s soccer as well, not everyone is Messi. Sometimes not even Messi is Messi, so to speak. :smiley:

With a more drastic difference in quality it might be problematic. American Football example:
If you showed NFL Panthers vs. Falcons, then German Football league Düsseldorf vs. Frankfurt, and then College Football Alabama vs. Clemson
Then I guess people would use the middle one as a break and go get something to est because compared to the others the quality is abysmal.

I’d argue that the difference in quality between women and men in soccer isn’t that severe anymore. But it is still visible.
It might not be that huge in some countries (especially those that don’t have a huge tradition in men’s soccer either) but yeah, many people say that it is not only the strength (women cannot compete with men but it shouldn’t matter that much if they compete with each other) but the speed and technique that is just one step ahead and makes the games more interesting.
I personally don’t mind, professional women are still better than the men’s team of my home town. :smiley:

…and call me sexist but I enjoy watching nice looking women doing sports…

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I think Alex Morgan fans would disagree.

And I think this is what would kill the mixed play here in the U.S. - the women’s team is honestly, playing at the same level, maybe higher, and has had much, MUCH better coaching for a very long time. It would pull attention away from the US Men’s team (and that’s not ok to advertisers/ TV network types).

Well, fans are fans, they always idolize their… idols.
And Alex Morgan is great, and so are others.

I would probably say (and it seems most experts agree) that Marta (Brasil) is the best female soccer player in the world.

But is there someone like Messi? I mean: someone who plays so much better than everyone else who has ever played that sport, for so many years in a row?
His “best of” videos from one season are longer and more exciting than other players “career best of” videos. And for a reason. He is spectacular. He holds more than a dozen records, some of which will probably never been broken. And he regularly plays with or against the best other players in the world (Cristiano Ronaldo et al. , in fact Ronaldo is one of the few who manages to even come close), and even compared to them he is great.

Women’s soccer is usually more entertaining than most men’s matches tbf. Imo.

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2PM today…! USA v Chile - with the U.S. making seven changes to their lineup. According to the talking heads, pretty dramatic moves, but probably won’t affect the outcome.