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We…cough…I need this thread…

I have a question for my old, aging eyes. Does the Windows 10 Scale and Layout menu change the size of ALL programs or just the GUI stuff? I’ve been running at 125% to make my Windows icons larger (and my browser), but now I’m wondering if I’ve been also running all my games at 125% ?? There is probably an easy way to check this that I’m not thinking of (NVidia JPG size?)…


It works for many programs, but some may not support it and it can cause UI layout issues (like buttons that cannot be clicked, text out of place, etc.)

Generally speaking, the smaller increases like 125% work without issue - the more magnification, the more problems you may have.

I am not sure about games - those you may have to test. Many games have their own UI scaling options however.

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Good question! I’m wondering if it affects DCS and IL2 BoX. In VE I need all the performance I can get.

It shouldn’t affect anything that’s not using windows to run it’s display processing. So your browser which uses W10 to actually get pixels to the screen, it will effect it. DCS which has its own built in graphics engine, it won’t.





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