2020 to 2021 our hopes and dreams

I’m not gonna bang on too much about 2020, we all know what happened and how it ruined it, not laying blame on anyone or any thing, in the span of our planets history, worse stuff has happened, its reckoned a massive object hit the planet with such force that the Dinosaurs became extinct … I actually do subscribe to that theory … we as a species have only lived on this host of a planet for a minuscule amount of time considering its existence, something catastrophic was bound to happen again … perhaps to test us, maybe even unite us? Its our turn I guess?

I am of course talking about Covid 19, there cant be anyone on the planet now that has not seen its effect or more importantly side effects in a very negative way … I cringe at what the financial cost has been to Airlines, Shipping and multitudes more industrys, not only that, but how its effected us who isolated, some who live alone and our mental health too … that’s not easy to say for me, but I do live alone, not only that, but enforced living together when we were used to being apart, family and kids, it can take a toll too, we were programmed differently before Covid, we had work separation, then uniting again … some adjusted more easily I guess? But it was far from the norm.

I just hope with the change from 2020, year we all want to forget, to 2021 that will happen quite shortly, that everything improves for each and every one of us.

All the best to all.

Happy New Year for when it arrives :mudspike:


Completely agree @B12 all the best to you and the rest of Mudspike for the coming new year.

Its been a challenging year for every single person on the planet this year and as you rightly say, we have all seen the terrible effect this virus had had on our way of life. Personally and directly I have been extremely lucky. I am in an industry that will always need bums in seats to get the job done so from a professional point of view I’ve come out relatively unscathed. Even managed to put a plan into action and start finding my own work.
On a personal level, I have been witness to the deep effect this forced separation has had on my children and my mother. They haven’t seen each other for months and it’s starting to take a toll on them and us as a family. Its hard to put into words the time lost for my kids. We as adults have lost a tiny (but no less important) part of our lives. But my kids have lost a QUARTER and HALF of their lives for the 4 Yr old and 2 Yr old respectively. They are missing out on experience and growth. Its the hardest thing for me to bear. I think of all the activities we did a year ago and it genuinely brings a tear to my eye.
But we must dust ourselves off and crack on. We can’t dwell on the losses (and people have lost family members and friends this year, not a bit of time like us lucky bastards)

I sincerely hope that you all have a better year in 2021. Even if its just the coping mechanisms that improve at first. Things will gradually get better. This is just a giant speedbump in human history.

Those that are alone. You always have friends on here. That isn’t just a selfish platitude given out by myself that I don’t mean. You want to talk. Call me. Send a PM. A text. I would be happy to hear from you. I spend an incredible amount of time alone in the lorry missing the family. Its always nice to hear from friends and I have precious few of them in the real world. The only way we all get through this nonsense is by forging closer links with other humans. There has been killing and protesting and horror all through the world this year. It doesn’t have to be that way. Some of it was needed. Most wasn’t. But if we keep building our friendships and becoming closer as a species perhaps we can offset thr horror, even just slightly. Pass the love on and pay it forward.

Mudspike has been utterly invaluable to me last couple of years. I may not be able to contribute much other than stupid memes and the occasional photo but I absolutely respect and appreciate every single one of you and what you bring to this place. I have come out of the shell I built up for myself a little bit and the participation here and when we fly online has improved my well being immensely. My wife says I’m far happier in myself and its been nice to see and that is ALL thanks you guys and the staff at Mudspike.

So cheers for that! If I can pay it forward and maybe help one or two of you occasionally let me know. I honestly would be happy to.
Any English based people here want to go flying in the new year? Give me a bell and I’ll bring a motorglider to you and take you for a spin. Not a hollow gesture. Message me and ill be there. It will be a giggle and I boost my flying hours. No bother at all. @ScoopD will happily assist with that as well.

Happy new year Mudspike. Thanks for everything and keep on keeping on.


I might bring an aircraft with more ‘umph’.


Show off :wink:




Hear, hear!
Tomorrow we can say that we made it through 2020 (touch wood).
A happy new year to you and the rest of our partners in crime, here at Mudspike.

Such a lovely aircraft…apart from those canards. Why didn’t Rutan sweep them a little, or put deltas on there…?


Happy New Year to all of You.

May it be a good and blessed one with as few Covid-19 complications as possible.

Hugs from Denmark to the rest of the world.

Take care and stay safe!


Happy New Year to All of You!!!
Take Care and Healthy!


More tanks next year please :wink:


Happy New Year from Texas to all the ‘Spikers out there.


Happy New Year from Norway!


Happy New Year from Germany as well!


We have 48 mins left…we still have time to get hit by a meteorite in the UK. Hold on tight


especially as the transition has finished


Yay we made it! Happy New year!!


Happy new year you guys! May 2021 be a whole lot better than last year was. May it bring health and security to you and yours, may it bring prosperity to all and war to none.


‘Lang mae your lums awe reek’ as we say in Scotland.

(may your chimney stacks continue to give out smoke because you are prosperous)


The original plan for VariViggen had delta canards but they were changedimage


No way to have a Happy New Year this year so have a Mediocre New Year everybody!

That isn’t me … but it will be me. :smiley:


Oh hey, here’s one bright note to be hopeful for that’s always boggled my mind … the Stock Market! My money looked like it disappeared back in March 2020 but BEST YEAR EVAH! LOL! WOOO HOOO! Knock on wood …


So crazy. I’m predicting First (civilian) Contact with the Galactic Federation for 2021. That’ll be interesting.

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