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Another major Sim distraction part has arrived today.

After a little breath and polish they look nice and clear.

It is the first part to arrive for my 15 WATT laser upgrade to my Creality CR-10S 3D Printer.

I am also waiting for the 2. laser module, that I have ordered from Greece. The 1. one I ordered at 8/3 has been stranded in Greece since 10/3. It was sent by airmail, so it is probably sitting in an airfreight container somewhere. No telling, when it gets here.
Number 2 should be on the road with GLS hopefully with delivery in 8-9 days.

The electronics of the Printer is in pieces as I am preparing to build a cabinet, so I can use it for ABS, ASA, and other difficult materials, like nylon and so forth. It will sport an exhaustfan mostly for laserwork and a Halogen lamp with a controller for the ambient temperature. Nedeed for the materials.

I am also adding a dryer on top as those materials sucks moisture. I have a 230v heatbed and a BLTouch on the way.

I am still figuring out the electronics that mostly will be in the base of the cabinet, except for the controls for the exhaust, lamp and dryer, as they are sitting on the top.

I will also get a Raspberry PI 3 b+ to run Octoprint with.

The only real bummer, is that I have caught the Flu, so now I am really stuck at home.
For now it is a mild one and I really hope that it will stay that way.

Now it is time to go to bed.

Happy Simming


Hope you feel better soon.

God bedring! :+1:

Thank you very much Bloodreina.

Mange tak Troll

The Flu is still a mild one, but the muscle pains are getting a little worse in the neck and shoulders. It doesen’t take much to get a headache or if I am not careful a migraine.

I am getting some shopping help today, so I don’t have to get outside and risk infecting others.

Be careful out there and minimize risk.

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I have jusy ordered this 0-15V 0-3A Lab power supply


To power this 15W 450nm diode laser module

Depending on how it is made I may pull the Pover supply out of the box as it will go into the electronics section in the bottom of the cabinet.


Okay. I have taken a look into the power supply and have decided to ditch most of the box.

I will cut off the bottom plug and switch part of the front panel and keep the LCD and pots part.

I will keep the rear panel as it contains a fuse, a cooling profile and an auto temp regulated cooling fan.

I will also do some wire rearrangements to give me more freedom of component placement in the compartment and will probably solder heavy duty wires directly to the power out pcb instead of using the bananaplug sockets.

Laser Engraver/Cutter Warning!
I was testing how well differently tinted orange pieces of transparent 3 mm acrylic is at blocking the laser beam. Orange as that should be good at stopping a blue laser.

I thought that I was very careful.
I was wearing the professional safety glasses shown above, the laser was pointed away from me hitting a wall 2 m distant. I put the piece into the beam and checked how much light reached the wall.

The first 2 pieces went well and I found the tint with the best protection.

Then I tried the fluorescent orange piece…………!

That turned out to be very reflective. So much that it was more than the certified glasses is designed for.

You know that dark field that slowly fades away when you accidentally have looked into the sun?
Unfortunately I now permanently have a hint of that in my left eye and it is a little more prominent in my right eye. The eyesight of my right eye is also slightly degraded and on top of that I am way more sensitive to sharp lights now.

I also tried it with the glasses that came with the laser…………! Not very encouraging.
Lets just say that I would never trust the cheapo Ebay crap! I can only recommend to get certified glasses that fits the laser wave length that you use. I am pretty much convinced that if I had used the cheapo glasses the damages would have been more severe.

If you are getting any kind of DIY laser module, be very careful with it. A blue diode laser like I have gotten, can ruin your eyes faster than you can blink. It will damage the receptors in the back of the eye and it is not repairable. Reflected light can also be very harmful.
The kind of damage and magnitude depends on the power and laser wave length, so I very much recommend that you read up on it.

I can only recommend the use of an enclosure with any kind of laser module.

I cringe every time I see a blue diode laser used in a living room without any kind of cover.

For eye protection I have just ordered 8 sheets of 3 mm transparent orange acrylic cut to size. Each side of the cabinet will be a double door. The color I have chosen is close to stopping a direct beam from the diode laser that I have and is even better at stopping reflected light from it.

I have also gotten 2 x 2mm clear acrylic sheets that will be the permanent doors for when I am 3d printing. For laser use I will put on the orange sheets with the same kind of magnetic strips used for putting an extra pane in front of a window.

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Oh dear. Lasers are pretty scary things.
Did you go to a doctor?

Yeah they are.
I did not at the time. From what I understood from reading a bunch of different laser safety papers before the laser arrived, was that damage from this type of laser to the eye is unrepairable.

That coupled with the fact that the symptoms have been unchanged and I very quickly got used to it, Got me thinking that I would just compensate for it when I get new glasses.
My eyes have steadilly grown worse in the last 30 years, so this just seems like a slightly bigger step than normal in that direction.

Back then I was looking at how to prevent damage in the first place. Now I wanted to make an educated reply to you and have discovered that there could be something to do about it afterall. Therefore I will have them checked out. I just have to find someone who nows about this stuff.

The danish searches I have done so far, only turns up information about operations that can be performed with lasers, nothing about repairing damage done by laser.

I know about one group that may be able to point me in the right direction, so I will try to contact them.

As long as it is not suddenly gets worse then I can live with it and in any case the ods for if it will get better or worse with any treatment will be a large part of the deciding factor.

I do know that I will not do any experimenting with the laser until I have the enclosure in place.

I got the plates for that yeasterday and just need to get some other projects out of the way first, then I can get onto the 3Dprinter/laser project.

Happy Simming

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Aaarrrhhh,Bollux!!! I am an idiot!

I ordered the wrong sheets for the enclosure. They should have been transparent orange, but I got opaque ones instead.
I have no use for them and they have been cut to size, so I can’t return them. 125$ out the window! Blargh!
I have ordered the correct set and they are already on the way.

Lesson to learn? Doublecheck that you are putting the correct items in the basket.

Happy Simming

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