3dfx Interactive is coming back, 20 years later

Everyone remember their Voodoo cards? :slight_smile:



I was in the Matrox team back then, but yeah.

So… this is like Atari I guess, someone just bought the name and that’s it?

Ah yes, the Voodoo3, fond memories.

What else could this be, really?

Marketing cracks me up sometimes. The brand doesn’t mean anything anymore in terms of technology (not nostalgically, of course).


Didn’t nVidia aquire 3dfx and now hold all the rights to the brand? So either somebody bought it off of them (unlikely) or this is fake AF.

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nVidia Acquired some of the technologies, but not the company itself.

They Bought SLi and PhysX from 3DFX, and hired most of their staff out of bankruptcy.

The Tweet though uses Fan Art… so it’s skeptical at best.

plus, if 3DFx was trying to come back, they would have zero advantage.

3DFX Used Glide and Low Overhead APIs, which was their advantage.
DX12 and Vulkan make that possible for everyone now.

Then Again, Intel is coming out with a Discrete and so is a new Manufacturer in China.

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Yeah, that was what I wanted to get at with

Which is basically “just” a fancy scale up of their integrated GPUs that they have kept on developing for more than 10 years. They didn’t start anywhere near from scratch.

“Interactive” at least in old 90s parlance, would indicate software. Still, this smacks of the Intellivision revival.

Guys, this has been proven fake. Sorry to smash your hopes.

EDIT: Just like the Interplay return…

You’re probably right but please provide your sources when you make statements like this.

I have no hopes for 3dfx LOL! I just liked the nostalgia of it. I was one of the early adopters of the Voodoo addon cards (I think the first Quake came out around then) and I’ll never forget the day I purchased my first Diamond Monster 3D card! Wooohooo! …

I think I used that one for Jane’s Longbow.

Oh ya, I didn’t have to take out a second mortgage on the house to buy one of these devices like we’re experiencing these days. (because I was living in a $600 a month rental apratment). :slight_smile:

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That Twitter account simply took images for deviant art, half the tech is owned by Nvidia, they literally have nothing to them apart from nostalgia and It comes a short time after another fake, the Interplay returns.

Edit: I’m willing to eat my hat if anything real happens on Thursday.

Still remember my Voodoo 2 addon card fondly! Oh the graphical prowess of that at the time made many people around me drool.
It took a big chunk of my hard earned money to get one of those cards.
Come to think of it, not much different from my 3080ti in relation! Lol!

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I remember Voodoo3 was the first GFX Card to put 2D and 3D on a Single card…

I also remember sinking a huge chunk of Change into the first Sound Blaster Live Platinum 5.1

The Voodoo Rush had that.

After the Voodoo came a Riva TNT card of which I was so proud! All the highschool nerds wanted to come and check it out. Total bliss.
Life was simple then. :grin:

My day has been reminders of how old I am. 3dfx and watching Limp Biscuit kill it at Lollapalooza.

Definitely NSFW… :rofl::rofl:


Journey Live at Lollapalooza 2021

Started to watch it. Always liked LB but never was kind of a big fan. But that show is really good !

Wondering if he will get rid of that wig eventually or its his new real haircut :slight_smile:

Why the hell is Fred Durst trying to look like MCA on an all carb diet?

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