3rd DCS Fly-In Screens & AARs thread

The 3rd Annual DCS Fly-In has started!

Let’s use this separate thread for AARs for viewing pleasure.

This afternoon, @Aginor @Maclean @Bogusheadbox had a great session of ground pounding, harrier crashing, refuelling and night ops fun.

Either @Bogusheadbox or @Maclean discovering how not to set nozzles for takeoff from the Tarawa

Me sporting the amazing skin our favourite Italian artist @komemiute made.

@Aginor flying over the Tarawa at screenshot time PM

@Maclean’s glowing nozzles… It looks so awesome.

@Bogusheadbox joins in on my aerial refuelling

Then we attacked Anapa, where everything was dark until my Su-25A dropped some illumination bombs.

Meanwhile, the guys at the carrier were making a very expensive bonfire

And I got shot, losing one engine and, as I discovered way too late, a lot of fuel. So I dropped my last illumination bomb and ejected.

They should be able to find me…

OK, looks like the screenshot upload is still broken. I’m still keeping this thread because I think it would look better. Awaiting a fix, pinging @staff

If this takes too long to fill up, feel free to remove!


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EDIT: Indeed Jpgs work. This is @Maclean landing his Harrier today.


A boat! (as seen from the Su-25T I was flying today.)

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@Maclean approaching the boat

and meanwhile a few feet above it: Bigfoot chasing the tanker

Eventually succeeding:


I see this, I think about my fully functional HOTAS yesterday and this is…


I am so sorry, man. Would have been great to fly with you. :frowning:

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I honestly was REALLY looking forw… WAITAMMINUTE!
I have a Microsoft Force Feedback 2 somewhere in the garage!

Lemme just…


Do it! I am flying with a 20 years old MS Sidewinder Precision pro and without rudder pedals. You can do it!
Probably not fly anything complex but for the SU-25T or any FC3 plane that one will work.


Anyway, I’ll see if I can squeeze in another hour of flying at some time tonight or tomorrow.
It sure was fun despite the handicap. :smiley:


Another of Bigfoot filling his tanks

Maclean checking the paintwork

Flying into the fray as the sun sets.


Seems to me that the AV-8B seems to be the darling of the day on @Tankerwade’s server. Everyone seems to be giving that lady some good flight time. Even with the bugs, everyone seems very to agree that she has a very promising future in DCS World!

Some screenshots I caught over the past few hours:

@Tankerwade in hostile territory.

F-15C’s made an appearance to suppress RED Air.

@Maclean and @near_blind on a formation STOL takeoff.

@DeadMeat flying over a hostile DDG. It is probably easier to spot the ‘welcome present’ being lofted into his F-15C’s general direction.

Harrier on a Tarawa - make sure you turn your brakes off … all of 'em on the Tarawa or you will drift right off the stern.

Some poster worthy formation work.

@Tankerwade turning toward the target area.

KA-50s made an appearance … stealing all the kills from the fast air.

More formation work.


More nice shots.

Mirage 2000C CAP.

@Tankerwade working the SU-25.

@near_blind in his F-15C office providing CAP.

And showing off the tanking skills.

@HomeFries and Skeeter in the Viggen on an anti-shipping mission.

Forming up after weapons launch.

@DeadMeat on final in an A-10C with some damage.

@DeadMeat on the runway, fighting to keep it on the center line as @near_blind is about to get K/O’d by a J11 he annoyed some time ago. That J11 was dedicated.

@HomeFries buzzing the Tarawa tower.


I’d never met that J-11 before. His friends, wife, mistress and mother however… :thinking:

Tooling around in my sporty Sud Afreeken F-5 Scheme.

Based on the loadout (Mavs, no heaters), I’m going to guess this is @fearlessfrog .

@Bogusheadbox making a road landing.

@Maclean lobbying for ski ramps while putting on a clinic in STOVL.

@Tyco and @Gunnyhighway at the FARP.

I was feeling left out :expressionless:

Protecting the Mud Movers.

@HomeFries and his crew swatting at the Chinese fleet.

An AI Greek Mirage dueling with the enemy @Bogusheadbox and @fearlessfrog are the contrails in the background


Landing downwind!? Thats not ideal :wink:


Correct. I’ve not even tried the AIM-9’s yet on the Harrier, so thought I might as well save the weight for more precious fuel. Besides, I had complete confidence in our excellent top cover :slight_smile:


Hey, thanks for filling up the thread everyone! Nice pictures, especially @Fridge’s Harrier formations.

My 1st post has been updated with screenshots


Some screens from over the weekend, cant remember who are all in the screenies.

Lining up…I think @Bogusheadbox and @Toppometer

@Bogusheadbox big’ol’booty


SAM’s are fun

Trying to keep up with @Toppometer

@fearlessfrog @Bogusheadbox Rearming and refuelling at the FARP, both put down these birds with skill.

@near_blind and myself en-route to destroy some Tor’s

Approaching the Carrier.

@Bogusheadbox flying up front buzzing the Tarawa with @highway on the boat