5 Yr old Razer Gaming Laptop... for sale, $650. firm. Mail in US included

Someone called this a year or so ago, lol…

Now that I have a brand new desktop ($2k) and a brand new Xbox Series X ($500)… And I never used this gaming laptop for it’s intended purpose, to take on motorcycle trips with me across country to game and video edit on it, I’ve decided to get rid of it at the very low price of $650 shipping in the US included. Why so low? Well my wife is a little, shall we say, unhappy at all the money I’ve been spending this last 6 months on guns, computers, and “stupid video games”, lol. AND the new sight and tac light I want for my latest gun build cost $600. :wink:

So anyway, if interested, PM me… it’s in great, clean working order, maybe 500 hours of total use on it. Comes with a laptop case. BTW, thought I was keeping this forever so I put some pro police and pro military stickers on it to easily identify it as mine. I’m leaving them on, you can pull off if want.

Razer 15
Intel i7 7700HQ CPU @2.80 GHz
16 GB of RAM, upgradeable to 32.
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6144 (that’s what it says but think 6400) MB GDDR5.
500 MB SSD…

and hell I’ll throw in a extra external 500 GB SSD

$650 firm, shipping included in the US.


LOL I am selling the same laptop (actually six months older i7 6700HQ) for the exact same reasons.

I can’t help but notice you also have the same problem as I do, since the battery is swollen under the trackpad (you can see it curve upwards). So I’d mention that in the announcement. Not a major deal breaker since a new battery goes for around 65 bucks, but something worth noting! :slight_smile:

Good luck!

Ahh, was wondering why it did that… noticed it but never thought about it, thanks.

I had to switch mine because it’s a little more advanced… :slight_smile: I take it you have around 4-6 months before it gets as horrible as mine… The good news, The trackpad can resist quite a lot more stress than that.

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