6 + year old iPad 2

Given: my original iPad 2 with horizontal crack in the screen (crack barely visible when powered on). Bloated with apps and dog slow. Almost unusable.

Trying an experiment. Flattened then configured for my iCloud account. Nothing else. Not a single app to be installed. Let’s see what the experience is. Photo stream be damned.


I just realized what I think of as my ‘new’ iPad 2 is actually 6+ years old. Crazy…


I’ve got an old iPad 1 (from, um… April? 2010 but it didn’t have a ‘1’ version name, as that would be like World War One as a name sounding suspicious at the time, so maybe The Great iPad or something) still knocking about. I powered it on just before Xmas and it seems to still work. Many (many) web sites didn’t like its version of Safari, but for a lot of places (including here) it seems to just about work.

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@fearlessfrog, The iPad to end all iPads I suppose.