7 G reboot

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He’s gonna have fun when he gets to his squadron. At least a couple stills from that would be gold to print out and have on the walls when he shows up.

and holy ■■■■ the fuge sucks

Was that a pass? Doesn’t he get like three goes until he gets to the required G for a certain amount of time?

I don’t think passing out would ever count as a pass. But I am not sure what exactly is going on here. I don’t think any person, bar maybe the chosen few even among fighter pilots have a resting g-force tolerance in excess of 7,6g. From what I understand if the g-force is applied fast, you start straining as you go up. From what I can see he was breathing as if at rest all the way to the point he slips of his seat. It’s ofcourse not possible to see if he’s straining any muscles in the lower body parts but I don’t think he does.

It’s just my uneducated thoughts, though. I’m not a real pilot!

I remember from the TV series Jetstream, that the recruits for the combat pilot track had to do 6 G for 15 seconds without an inflated gloc suit. Pretty brutal, and every time I see a clip I get reminded of this guy that didn’t make it:

It just seems a shame he couldn’t do it whatever he tried, as he may be a great (potential) pilot, but those are the tests I guess (especially if you want to fly F/A 18’s under G).

You’re right, I can’t tell that he made any attempt at an AGSM.

The centrifuge is one thing I never want to repeat.

He did make it. He just had to go through special training

Nice! I always felt for the guy for some reason.

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maybe this guy can share some tips

the funky chicken!

@Sargoth awesome for posting that. I remembering watching that series, but I never saw what happened to the guy who didn’t make it. Glad to know he got through in the end. Awesome

Don’t have to fly to G-LOCK

source: https://www.facebook.com/OrlandoSlingShot/videos/950882201699179

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The camera is funny, but it looks to me like he was doing negative G when he had his 2nd G-LOC :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Got another one. But I’m not sure if this is g-lock though