704th Munitions Maintenance Squadron

I’ve noticed there’s a detachment of American Forces in my base.
Is there anyone you’d like me to say hello to/punch in the face*?


Seriously though, if you don’t want to publicly say anything, just PM me.
In any case, S!

*The latter option requires a down-payment depending on the size and gender of the target. :wink:

There’s another thing actually- a long time ago, when American troops were still heavily engaged in the middle east post 9/11, I had the luck to meet a very friendly bunch of Sailors.
Their ship docked at Trieste and they sold me one of the earliest Nintendo DS to ever reach Europe(I was working for EB Games at the time).

I was the envy of everyone in the shop and outside. Well, ok just the geeks really. :wink:
In any case the guy who sold it to me was McCallister. (is still engraved in the back of the DS shell).

If anyone knows anything about anyone who may… thinks a bit
Yeah ok, that’s really far fetched. Sorry.

I just wish him and his pals all the best.

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Much obliged and sorry for the mishaps. :wink:

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What ship was it?

I’ve if my closest friends when I was in college was an Air Force ordie attached to that base… He told some crazy stories about the guys in his squadron and the local Italian girls…

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Can’t remember the ship. It was over twelve years ago.

As for your friend… is he still deployed in Italy?