7500 (Amazon Prime)

Recently watched this airplane drama on Amazon Prime. If you have Amazon Prime and are looking for a quick 1.5 hour flick, check it out. If you don’t have AP, don’t upgrade. Overall it’s a decent movie, but not worth going to Prime… though have Prime has other benefits.

From a pilot’s POV, the general flying scenes are refreshingly spot on. Never flown an Airbus although I’d guess I have a few hundred hours jumpseating/commuting upfront in the A320 family from a previous life. The flight deck used for this movie was very well done. Realistic procedures and crew call outs. Only a couple of communication phraseology flubs. This movie brought me back to post 9/11 when the airline industry hijacking procedures were completely overhauled.

No spoilers… The ending was similar to another movie most of us have seen. I even called it while watching with my wife. :nerd_face: About 30 seconds before it happened it dawned to me, oh that’s why they did THIS so that they could do THAT.

Anyways, enjoy!


The opening scene with the crew boarding, Tobias setting up the cockpit, the Captain asking the station manager to switch to English and the two pilots discussing the late passengers was spot on. It was a simple, even dull few minutes. It was a moment similar to ones I have had many dozens of times. I have never seen actors appear so comfortable in the flight deck before. Overall I thought the film was good. There were flubs aplenty. But no airline film I have seen has been as overall accurate. If there is one major flaw to the plot it would be that it is hard to imagine 88 passengers letting this happen. The Airbus stuff had some intentional flaws, mostly for effect. There is a scene where Tobias is directing another occupant in the cockpit to move the throttles. You could do that. But it wasn’t necessary except for the retard at the end. For me, the story worked, but I wonder if, emotionally, it lands (so to speak) with a non-flying audience.

I enjoyed it! Watched it the other day.

Was good, just finished watching it. Thanks for the heads up.

Some of the phraseology was off - how hard could it be? I’d image that, with only some [good] coffee and donuts, and anyone here would be glad to tidy those bits up for them. Hollywood, you listenning?

Ahhh, that is such a classic! Funny thing is, I thought it was silly the first time. I’m not so serious anymore :slight_smile:

And here, from 1977-ish, is one of the better enactments. They even got the equipment and datablocks correct (either did it on mid-shift or used the ‘dysim’ - sim lab). Most of the other stuff is close too. There’s the little detail where he ‘angulated’ (we weren’t suppose to say ‘cocked’ somewhere in the 90’s) the flight strip - was a nice touch.

ATC scene From Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Well in 1957 in the movie Zero Hour it was not played for laughs.


Every simmer’s fantasy?

Top 5 ever ! :crazy_face:

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