A-10 dirt runway landing

Really nice…and I like the added effect that the narrator only talks into one of my ears…simulating as though the other one has been blown out by artillery or something. Nice…


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I like how they seem to have made the pilots walk :slight_smile: (1:26)

That was really cool.

“This is the only aircraft the Air Force can do this with…”

They should get t-shirts made. :smile:

Actually I am not sure its the only one that can :smile:

The F-16 is more than capable too… It just doesn’t have as quick a turn-around time after the unimproved airstrip landing…

The only one that is A-10 shaped! (it still fits on the t-shirt, just with smaller letters) :wink:

Underground is the new stealth…

Just request repairs, thats only a couple minutes I think while your aircraft hovers getting fixed :smile:

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