A-10C Tutorial Videos

So, a while ago I started making some basic tutorial videos based around the A-10C in DCS. I started in this sim a few years ago as my first ‘study sim’ style flight sim, and struggled through the manual and the oh-so-well-explained in game tutorials. Once I had a firm grasp on the basics I started teaching a few friends who were interested but didn’t have the patience or were too intimidated by the learning curve.

So the videos came about when I figured, “Hey, I’ve taught this so many times that why don’t I just make some primer videos for the stuff people struggle with?” I’ve slowly been uploading these as I make them, but the editing and stuff is a slow process. I plan to do weapons and other stuff as I get to it.

These vids are mostly focused on systems management, as it seems to be the thing people struggle with the most. I’m a terrible tactician and my flying sucks, but I know my way around the inside of the jet pretty well, and these videos try to explain not only how to work the systems, but a simple explanation of how it all fits together so you can kinda understand how the whole jet works and make intelligent and logical decisions in troubleshooting or critical situations. They are all very unscripted and ‘stream-of-thought’ so the pacing is kinda weird sometimes, but they seem to be well received on YT.

They’re by no means comprehensive and there are most likely errors, but they seem to work to get people started. I figured I’d share here.


Very nice job. Good quality videos. I need to take a longer look tomorrow.