A couple of items for sale

I have a couple of items that I am looking to sell and I want to offer them here to my fellow Mudspikers first.

I still have my GTX980 sitting on the shelf. It was in my Oculus Ready PC that I purchased last year. I got caught up in the “1080 Fever” and so swapped it out. It is still a very capable card though, and with the 1060 and 1070 out there I am sure it isn’t worth a premium. If anyone in interested, make me a fair offer and I am sure we can come to an arrangement.

I also have my Saitek X55 HOTAS that is now redundant after I recently upgraded to the TM Warthog. It is in excellent condition and I have the original packaging. Again, make me a fair offer if interested. I would like to see both go to new homes where they would provide a good step up from what you might already have.

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