A lot of awesome in a short GIF


I’d hit fly it

Promotional material for the new Eddie the Eagle ski jump movie… :wink: (yes, I know it’s not an Eagle)

Pitue – it’s a Russian plane. I wouldn’t want to be near it. :rotating_light:

I am a bit surprised that those wheelbrakes can hold the jet in full afterburner. :astonished:

EDIT: Ok, I just looked closer and realized they don’t. There are some kind of blocks that hold the jet on the main gear and then retract into the deck.

Reminds me of a funny story. I was in Philadelphia once (yes, condolences accepted) on a flight in the winter and it was one of those typical Philly cluster-F days. The weather was absolutely horrible with a relentless blowing snow, visibility around a mile, and a string of US Airways planes backed up from taxiway Sierra all the way up and down the parallel, on runway 27R, and all the taxiways to the terminal. Typically in really bad weather, PHL lands on 27R and departs on 27L. So we are sitting there in our Citation on taxiway Sierra, having been deiced about 10 minutes earlier, struggling to keep our leading edge clean using the bleed air system and very ineffective boots. In the Citation, you need around 78% N2 to provide enough hot bleed air to anti-ice the leading edge and engine nacelle (and stators) - otherwise known as “getting the lights out” (on the caution panel). The taxiway is coated with snow and ice…and every time we approach 78%, the airplane (with the brake on) starts sliding forward and side to side, waddling like a duck…LOL… This went on for about 10 more minutes. In the end, we determined the wing was “clean enough”, added a bunch to our Vr and took off when it was our turn. This was 15 years ago…before the FAA mandated the “clean wing” concept. Nowadays, we wouldn’t be able to do that…if our nurses could see anything on the wings, we’d be forced to taxi back and get deiced again.

Any-who. There’s a story. LOL



We really need real icing and stuff in DCSW.