A message from the site owner

While the issue of site avatars continues to be discussed among the staff here - a few reminders.

This site is privately owned - there should be no presumptions of absolute free speech.

There are good police officers. There are bad police officers.
There are good politicians. There are bad politicians.
There are good news reporters. There are bad news reporters.
There are good advocates for Black Lives Matter. There are bad advocates for Black Lives Matter.
There are good Democrats. There are bad Democrats.
There are good Republicans. There are bad Republicans.

There are NO good white supremacists. Period.

Secret handshake, wink-wink white supremacy symbols, avatars, discussions, or endorsements will not be permitted on this site. If you think the counter-balance to Black Lives Matter is white supremacy, you are both morally wrong, and on the wrong site on the internet. There may be philosophical reasons you disagree with the BLM movement, but if white supremacy is one of them, please stop participating here. I will honor all requests to remove accounts.

Thank you to everyone who understands that this is a global and inclusive community that we have built here.