A Steal of a Deal

1959 F4H-1 Phantom for sale, for the low, low price of $3.9 million!


No deal. F-4J or F-4S at a minimum.

Looks like someone ran out of cash restoring it…80-85% done, they are happy to contract to finish it.

Would be a pretty neat ride to work! Wonder how much the maintenance and spares would be…probably not insignificant :grin:

5 engines, 2 spares and 3 ready for overhaul but are those 2 serviceable or mostly spare parts? 3 engine overhauls isn’t going to be cheap either and they probably have to be send externally for that.


So if everybody on Mudspike pooled their extra cash…and we got @BeachAV8R to fly it to Mudspike World HQ…I think this is doable!

Once we got it all fixed up we could buzz ED or Heatblur’s offices until they add an F-4 to DCS World!

Who’s with me?! :crazy_face:


I admire your bravado and willpower but I feel like you are not sensing the scope of this project quite so.

On the forefront is the fact that you, and I quote “… buzz ED or Hearblur’s offices until they add an F-4 to DCS World!” is actually an logistical undertaking that I fear even we as a hivemind do not have the skills to pull off.


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