A tour of my neighborhood in X-Plane 11

My friend have asked me recently after seeing my recent video of gliding around EPPI in X-Plane, to record a flight from the same airfield (Piła, Poland) but to head north to Borne Sulinowo (secret Soviet Base during Cold War). So I did and thought I could add some captions and few links to the video description so anyone could enjoy this nice rural Polish scenery recreated in X-Plane 11 with orthophoto imagery and Poland Pro VFR Overlay addons.

There are some few cool spots along the way, though sometimes it might get little boring.

Make sure to switch on captions - 4th icon from the right in lower-left corner of the video.

I’m also showcasing the newest add-on to the stock X-Plane stable - Aerolite 103 Ultralight. It’s really fun to fly and has great visibility from inside the cockpit :wink:


For comparison, Nadarzyce Weapons Training Range (biggest range of this kind in Europe) which I visit during my flight (at around 29:25) can be seen in reai life in this vid:


Nice video, thanks for sharing it with us. That scenery was very impressive!

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Thanks! Even with occasional cloud in the phototexture and some buildings missing or mismodelled (wrong height and type) I have to admit this is the best scenery I’ve seen for this region in any flight sim I’ve flown. The custom buildings really reflect the feel of this country.

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holy smokes that looks good!

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