About the Marketplace category

Welcome to the Mudspike Marketplace category.

The Marketplace is intended to allow buying and selling of used or low volume personally constructed items between members of the Mudspike community and is open to users with a trust level above 1 (new members, you will need to wait a bit before posting here).

A few rules (which are subject to change at any time by the @staff):

  1. Be clear about what you are selling and where you can ship it;
  2. Be as clear as you can about additional charges related to over-seas shipping, potential taxes or duties);
  3. Once a seller has been found, please move the discussion to the private messages area of the forum - be careful of your personal data being shown here;
  4. Once a transaction has been completed, please close the thread or mark it for a @moderators to close;
  5. The Marketplace is not intended to be used as an revenue generator for commercial interests. Posting a few constructive links is not out of the question as long as it does not slide into the spam category. Please flag any posts that fit this category and a @moderators will take a look;
  6. Suggestion: Please do not create bidding posts as those can be tricky to keep clean and avoid controversy;

Mudspike, it’s @staff and @moderators are not responsible for actions or financial transactions related to buying or selling items on this forum, that are not directly attributed to them, and are not a ‘dispute resolution’ mechanism. Please play fair.

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