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I’m surprised @fearlessfrog hasn’t somehow made that happen. He has been extremely diligent about keeping our costs low. I don’t know if our servers are OSHA approved…but we did try to locate them in non-earthquake prone areas!


Hmm… Maybe talk to the people who make this exceptionally reliable and potato obsessed system that definitely won’t kill you?


It is weird by design, and it confuses a lot of people and always has.

The Mudspike sites looks like a (albeit amateur) business, in that sim web places sort of split in to two main types of (a) ‘product business’ (Eagle Dynamics with their huge DCS forum, X-Plane with their big set of sites etc) where they want to support their products in a community and (b) the ‘advertising business’ where getting you to read stuff in a community and be profiled, as their underlying money maker (reddit, facebook, discord and the old flight sim forums still around like avsim, simhq etc). The advertising sites are keen on growth, as more eyes is more money and data (which is effectively the same thing).

Because we look a lot like a site that is either trying to sell you something or keep you around to show you ads, people often mix up what they expect from us in terms of ‘customer service’. Like we have a responsibility on our part to fulfill something that usually those (a) or (b)'s above do, as they extract some sort of value from you. Because we aren’t either of those very common web things, it confuses nearly everyone and probably always will. We get attributed motivations and expectations that don’t really apply to us and the confusion comes up now and again.

We’re essentially @BeachAV8R’s blog that through an accidental quirk isn’t hosted on medium.com or some social media place.


@fearlessfrog pretty much nailed it. The site as it looks right now wouldn’t exist without his help because it would be beyond my technical abilities. The site was originally supposed to just be my blog, as he indicated, and there are lots of examples of WordPress sites like that. I love that it has a wider audience now, but I really don’t want to monetize it at all for all the reasons Frog has mentioned. I don’t want anyone to have any expectations, and if we decide to pull the plug someday, we can do it without any backlash over commitments. I’d certainly hate to do that because I love the hobby and love the group we have here. We may be growing larger in page views and stuff, but the core community is still pretty small, which actually suits us. Larger means more headaches in moderating and at some point the X line crosses the Y line and we would probably shut off the forum. I don’t say that as a threat…just the reality of why we are here, which is to share a common experience - love of flight sims and stuff like that.

The money side is just like any hobby I think. It rewards me back way more than what I put in and I’m eternally grateful to our users for that, and to @fearlessfrog, @Troll, and @Fridge for helping out whenever they can. I’m going to try to start a little more on the tech side to hopefully relieve some of the time sink for some of them. I figure one day all the passwords will change and Discobot will take over the whole affair. I think I saw him penning termination letters the other day. He kept looking over his shoulder suspiciously…


Y’all are making it painful for me to remember that I’ve had the same domain and email address for 19 years now…

All said and done, I enjoy the experience that Mudspike offers, especially the community, but if it came down to it, I’d rather have the plug pulled than turn pale and bitter like a certain other headquarters that shall not be named.


Very interesting thread to read. And nice philosophy Mudspike has.

Really nice site. Thanks for being here!


Thanks for being a part of us…!


If you pull the plug I’ll have to go back to sitting on my own in the garage.

Or maybe…


So that’s what he was doing! :astonished: