Aces of Thunder - Announcement Trailer | PS VR2 Games

Looks like it might be fun for VR (if it reaches PC)

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Don’t think it will. It looks exactly like War Thunder does in VR. Since this one is also from the hand of Gaijin, I’m really worried about an un-fun business model :frowning: Let’s see how it pans out

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I have no idea what War Thunder looks like on PC or VR nowadays. I haven’t played it in a long time due to, as you mentioned, a very unfun business model via grinding, bewildering skill progression and complex microtransactions.

Absolutely…this is what kills WT for me.
Its such a ridiculously fun game at first. Tanks, planes and boats. But after tier 1 is completed its just the worst thing to play. Its such a shame. The problem is its popular and the predatory systems they employ work…so they arent going to stop

Wow, I’d like to have the ability to do a walk-about of WW2 aircraft and caress them as in the video