ACTUV drone ship

Drones, drones, drones…(and dogs?)… We are all going to be relegated to occasionally lubricating and rearming our drone overlords…


Ship drones I don’t really get, so I might be missing something. Aerial drones, even Sub drones I sort of understand where they fit in, but surface ships that cost that amount? Maybe a fleet of them in a protective net or something?

Put that off the coast of Somalia though…

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Supposedly with this one, it basically drives around in the ocean indefinitely looking for subs, then once it finds one it just follows it indefinitely, reporting its position to anyone who cares to listen. The sub is kind of screwed because if it’s a diesel boat it can’t out run the drone, it can’t out last the drone, and it can’t kill the drone because it has too small a draft/metallic signature to trigger a torpedo.

Kind of a cool solution to the fact we don’t have the Spruance, Knox, or Perry classes of anti submarine surface ships anymore.

Ah, that makes sense - thanks. I like the potential irony that it could in the future be following around a drone sub one day too - oh the fun the pair would have… :wink:

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