Added a 1TB NVME SSD

Whats the easiest way to transfer DCS from my primary SSD (has the OS on it and was getting full) to the new one? Is it only the Saved Games part or whole enchilada?

Leave the saved games where they at. Move the DCS folder. Point the skatezilla tool at the new location. Have it run a repair. Presto!


I’ve read also to disable all the modules before you do the move. Not sure why but I did it this way and all was good :+1:

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Disabling the mods, terrain and aircraft are a PITA but saves on using activation. Although I never had problems moving my install to a different drive on the same machine. You just don’t have registry for the new installation so can’t access from the program menu iirc

The repair fixes that, and those shortcuts are easily rebuilt.

When I did this, I migrated my C: (where DCS was) from a 512GB SATA SSD to a 1 TB NVme SSD. I try not to “move” game directories due to the hassle of finding all the points it’s referenced. Did it for SF2 and that was hassle enough.

The Samsung tool did it for me. Copied it all over, shut down, disconnected the SATA SSD, booted and changed BIOS to boot off NVMe, went into Windows and done!
I later reconnected the 512 as a secondary drive, wiped it, and now it’s my 4th SSD. I have 3 SATA (512, 1, 2TB) and 1 NVMe (1TB). I still have space for another NVMe…someday. :slight_smile:

Thanks again gents.
The transfer went fine. I deactivated everything prior to moving the folder over, then followed the rest of the instructions. Ran it last night and it worked like a charm.

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So, I just posted that I need to move my stuff from a 512 M2 to a bigger drive. Guess I am not the Lone Ranger… I see its been done. THis Helps a LOT.

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I got a 1tb evo ssd and was surprised how reasonable the price was over the m2 drives. Plus I did not want to loose any pci slots which are disabled when adding m2 format drive

Is there any decrease in speed to a M2?

On paper yes because M2 cards have much higher read/write speeds. However I moved DCS onto a Samsung 860 1GB SATA3 SSD from a Samsung 870 M2 NVME and cant say I notice any difference.

I don’t think the type of ops where NVMe are faster are really utilized by DCS.

Maybe a database or a compiler or something, but for games which either are just loading a bunch of data periodically or streaming things while running SATA seems fast enough for the most part.

This is what i need to hear. Thanks Guys

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