Added to my NobleChair Hero seat with more Monstertech this week

Had been considering this for a while … was wanting to try out the Monstertech mouse pad extensions for my HOTAS on my Noble Hero chair, a well respected good quality chair … I guess?

The HOTAS mounts I’d had for ages for this chair from MT, but those side by side mouse pad extensions and game pad extension were screaming at me … buy buy buy, LOL

Of course it was inevitable I’d buy them, and now use them … I like them, really do, got pretty much everything on board this chair now inc USB hub, to use between two different PC’s on my L shaped desk with one USB swap … everything is to hand, its all very comfortable, every thing falls to hand … I like it :slight_smile:


You and @Hangar200 must be competing for the title of most devices per cubic meter!



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Nice setup! Extra points for the Pizza oven and that yellow thing dangling from the Cessna throttle.:slight_smile:


Haha, the microwave oven is for those heat pads that wrap around neck, not really a big pizza eater, suffered a broken neck and subsequent major surgery a couple of years ago (titanium rods and screws installed now for life) those heat pads are only thing that give me relief, go through lots a month, not to hygienic to use my kitchen microwave oven for this, so got this one for my hobby room where I spend a lot of time sitting that seems to bring on the neck pain most.

The yellow think is a handy pick up stick with trigger (with magnet on end too) for picking up dropped objects, my spine really is beyond its best, can still get up and down, still fairly mobile, all things considered, but these gadgets are so handy, have one in each room :slight_smile:

Did some more adjustments to my chair set up this morning, my TM Hornet stick is now in the middle as it should be with curved extension … can easy un-clamp this and sit aside if I need side by side HOTAS action, my TM Warthog stick, that is more or less the same design as an F-16 stick at the side and both use Virpil bases, made a few more adjustments too and wire tidy up to the chairs USB hub, its all very comfortable, very pleased with it :mudspike:

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