After nearly 15 years of loyal service...

… I finally retired my CH Pro Pedals. I was going to wait until they died, but they just kept on trucking.

Anyway, FedEx dropped by today and I am now the happy owner of a nice set of Graphite MFG Crosswind Pedals. The pedal spacing is much better than the CH Pro’s. Here is a side by side shot that gives a good illustration of size and spacing. Incidentally, I bought the optional parts that allow you to adjust spacing and the photo shows reduced width over the stock configuration.

Flying the Huey in DCS is noticeably more precise in Yaw now. :sunglasses:


I had about the same experience with my CH Pro Pedals, albeit they finally developed a spike that required continual pot cleaning. I suppose that I should have replaced the offending pots, but Saitek released the Pro Flight Combat and those have been remarkably reliable. Saitek and reliable are words seldom spoken in the same sentence, but these have been the exception to the rule. Too bad they are out of production. The best product Saitek ever made, IMO.

Your Crosswinds look amazing. Let us know how you two get along.


Hey Paul, if I may ask, how long from order to feet on?

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Still using my saitek x52 (version before pro) and 1st gen pro rudders. For the price paid i would say they were exceptionally reliable and affordable. Though i believe the quality control went down after madcatz (but i was done before they turned up)

Either way, i am in the market for a whole new set up and those pedals do look nice.

I placed the order on September 26th and received the package yesterday (Oct 27th). I think that the courier may have misplaced my package though because it sat in a “delivery center” at Ljubljana, Slovenia, for about a week before things started moving again. The order process isn’t as quick as buying a mass produced item. Milan builds the pedals in batches, so when you order, there is an estimated date for completion and dispatch. You don’t pay him anything until the order is ready to be sent out.
Overall I am very happy with the process.

The pedals are GREAT! The action is smooth and no more of that very noticeable center detent that you get with the CH pedals. The pedal spacing is much better too.

I’ve purchased the same pedals, they are amazing. I suspect they will last forever and a day, so I could justify the expense. The entire process buying direct from Milan was seamless.

Thank you for the photos of a comparison of the MFG CrossWinds and the CH, now this gives me the idea of what to expect to get next week, as I ordered these to replace my Saitek Pro rudder pedals as they’re on their last legs of 10 years use. These look to be the same width of the Saiteks.

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You are going to love them. They are a huge step forward from the CH pedals.

Got my petals and they are great everything I expected I have more yaw, and no yaw spikes from yaw movement.