Aginor's weird NFL thread


Totally fanboying out here now, HOLY BANANA!
Did you see that Detroit vs. Dallas game last night?


Today on German TV:
Patriots vs Dolphins
Redskins vs. Giants


Eagles beat the Cowboys! Congrats @BeachAV8R
(OK it was the Cowboys’ B team, still good game by the Eagles).
Browns are in OT against Steelers! :smile:



LOL…that is generous. That was more like Dallas playing some scrimage with the Eagles. No Elliot, no Prescott…that was just some practice for Dallas. Good luck in the playoffs…!


I played fantasy football once, but my decision not to draft anyone with an assault charge really came back to bite me.


All playoff games will be broadcast live on German TV. Of course that means some of them will be… very late in the night, starting at 02:00am.
So Saturday to Sunday night is tough but the one in the night to Monday is impossible if I don’t want to get fired.
So I won’t be able to watch Detroit at Seattle live.

Same goes for the Divisional Playoff game in New England.

For the Super Bowl I will take that Monday off.


Poor Raiders.
Carr is injured, the game is just too much for poor Cook and the receivers keep dropping the damn ball.


Good news for the Texans: Brock Osweiler might even be worth all that money after all, despite playing a horrible season. If he can play like he does now he might become a hero in the end.


I’m not a Raiders fan, but two score game with 8:10. Plenty of time if the Texans stumble.


Well… that didn’t work. Just too much pressure for that young QB and too many errors. Defense was OK but not enough.

But they have a good young team, I expect a lot from them next season.


Jadeveon Clowney was a monster! Well played Houston.


Fun fact about that Lions vs. Seahawks game just now: Lions have the no. 30 running offense and the RB they are using right now (Zenner) is their no. 3 RB. But watching the last games I think that guy is pretty great! His speed and acceleration are very nice.


Seahawks look even better though, at least at the moment.


He’s a lucky guy, besides getting paid all that money he’s played for the team(s) that had the NFL’s best defense the last 2 years :slight_smile:


OK I think I’ll ditch the second half of that game. It is 3:30am here and I am just too tired.
But hey, I managed to not eat that second half of the chocolate. Yay for my health! :smile:


Poor Dolphins. That will be a tough one. Finally Big Ben throws an Interception and then they lose the ball.


Well that went as expected, sorry Dolphins fans but the Steelers were just better.

Now GB vs NY. Excited for that one. I think it will be Green Bay who wins.


What the hell is Rodgers doing?
Getting sacked despite having loads of time. 3 and out again.
Very strange.


OK that’s what I expected from him. Finally.

Funny thing: with those thermo blankets closed and their helmets on players look really menacing. My wife just said: Darth Vader in green. :smile: