Aginor's weird NFL thread

The entire field was painted green, then lines, then logos. lol

Dude slipped in the endzone doing a simple endzone dance…

And the 2023 season kicks off with an unlikely upset. Lions over the Chiefs by 1 pt.

Lions get a pick 6 on Mahomes. And many fantasy football lineups are ruined including mine. :laughing: Chiefs fans gonna blame the loss on the lack of Kelce. :man_shrugging: hey it’s only week 1. Long road ahead. Looking forward to the Sunday and Monday games.


Yeah, same here! Seems the Lions won it fair and square. I like underdog wins.

I am looking forward to the season, there are some interesting changes in all teams.

As usual the Cowboys fans are overhyped, for no reason IMO. I am a fan and I want my team to win. Hell, I want to see that Super Bowl again, after so many years. But it probably won’t be this season. It is absolutely ridiculous how some people in this fan base act. Insane. (Yet secretly I hope that I am wrong and they are right).

My AFC favorite are the Dolphins, and… well… I don’t see a Super Bowl there either, not anytime soon. So I’ll just enjoy the few wins they will get. (Still hoping).

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Couldn’t have said it any better. Looks like my college team (Buckeye’s) will need some help this year too.

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Missed that game. We get two games per week on free to air. The schedule for me ‘this’ week is:

Bengals at Browns & Dolphins at LA Chargers (broadcast back-to-back, starting 3am on Monday our time)


I never really called week 1 games upsets. Hard to tell what the landscape of the NFL will be any year.

I do hate that media outlets will dang near anoint a super bowl winner after the first game of the season.

Good win for the lions Long long road ahead.

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Same here. Watching right now.

…it feels a bit strange though, another station has the rights to broadcast the NFL games so the team and presentation are different.

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As a 49ers fan, Fox was the station to watch the game on. Except…

That little yellow blob in the middle of Texas. That’s our market, which of course isn’t showing that game. SMH


Wow, that’s really strange. Do you know the reason?

Here in Germany it is all national TV. Every few years the rights for who broadcasts what can change, but all content is available everywhere.

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I’m a 49er fan just north of your blob in DFW.

Ironic thing this season, i paid for NFL Sunday Ticket… and the first game so far is nationally televised. Next week’s 49er game against the Rams appears to be nationally televised on FOX as well. I don’t know whether to cry or laugh. :rofl:

last year we got maybe 2 49ers games televised all season. But i like having Sunday Ticket on YouTube so i can watch it if/when I’m on the road.

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No clue, I know the NFL is apparently on 11 different teams media streams on any given weekends this season. So I’m sure there’s some logic to someone somewhere.

I thought about it, but it’s a bit more expense then I care to spend to watch one game a week. If I followed more teams closely I’d probably spend the money as it would start to be worth it for me.

Holy crap the Dolphins just beat the Chargers!!! On the west coast!!!

We’re going to the SUPER BOWL!!!


That was a really great game!

All the offense that the Bengals-Browns game lacked was in this one.


About that Cowboys week 1 game:

…are the Giants that bad? I mean, that sure didn’t help against the obnoxious “Cowboys SB” crowd.
Luck was definitely involved (all fumbles recovered by Dallas for example) but from this game alone I seriously cannot tell whether the Giants were bad or the Cowboys good, or possibly even both.

Edit: passing didn’t look too great, but it rained and there were some drops. Run game looked pretty good though, and so did the O-line.

I like to see a win, winning the first game of the season is just a nice confidence boost, with TDs by the defense, offense, AND special teams to boot, but… I feel bad for the Giants.
Especially for Jones who got sacked, like, 8 times or so? And will probably get sacked again by the fans whenever they see him. Might just take his O-line with him when he goes outside, for protection. Although that might not help as the O-line didn’t look good at all. That poor QB rarely had more than 2 seconds before he had to scramble. And the press probably tears him a new one today.

Gah, I have too much empathy. I just cannot celebrate that win.

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didnt they just give their QB an insane contract? lol.

I think Jones is a decent QB, but when the pass rush is in your face that quickly you just have a hard time.

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Alright, alright Aginor now you’re gloating :slight_smile:

Damn. I didn’t intend to. But it was a one sided game.

That ending to the Bills - Jet game… :man_running:


That was quite something.