Aginor's weird NFL thread

Today on German TV:

Seahawks @ Lions
Jets @ Cowboys (yay!)

That looked good! :cowboy_hat_face:

Especially the defense, but the offense wasn’t too shabby either. That was a different defense than the Giants one and they still scored some points.

Gotta enjoy it while it lasts. The next opponents will probably not be that easy.

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Dolphins looked pretty darn good last night! 2 - 0 !!

Stillers and Brownies tonight!


They did!

Maybe this is finally the season for the underdogs!

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Holy crap the Dolphins almost broke the NFL score record.

70 points against the Broncos’ 20.

Now watching the Cowboys play the Cardinals.
The Patriots @ Jets game was a bit meh. Defense was good though, on both sides.


Reposted, just so everyone could read it again :slight_smile:


Shouldn’t that be ‘Holy Crap Batman’ :stuck_out_tongue:

The one morning that I forget to program the TV to record it… sigh!

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Cardinals doing a good job against the Cowboys defense right now.

And especially the Cardinals defense played well actually.
IN the second half the Cowboys offense got a bit better in handling them, but not good enough. No clue why, but they looked crappy today.

and everyone shouts “this is miami’s year”, then Tua takes one hit and the season’s over… again.

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Too soon?


Maybe a bit too soon. :smile:

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the loss yesterday silenced the overflow of “Dak / Dallas is unbeatable” Memes.

Yeah, at least that worked.

This is different, and I will watch it.


Man, those Cowboys make me feel bipolar.
:cowboy_hat_face: :crazy_face:

Last week was really not good. This week the offense was… OK? The defense rocked again.

And everyone wonders what the heck was wrong last week.

Not gonna complain about a win of course, but if this continues I’ll get whiplash.

…talking of whiplash… the Dolphins… wtf… :cry:

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Don’t want to talk about it. :slight_smile: :frowning:
…if we only had Taylor Swift on our side…


You know, I am not really a football fan, especially since they politicized. To make it worse, I realized that I haven’t played for almost half my life now. Its tradition for my brothers, my Dad, and I to go to one of our houses and watch the superbowl, but it’s mostly just an excuse to hang out with family. We grew up as 49ers and Dolphins fans.

I actually wonder how many people watch just to keep up with the water cooler talk. I know there are many who enjoy watching, but I would be curious how many would if we removed gambling and “being one of the boys”, or even just to spend time with family.


If only the Dolphins could have used some of last weeks points for this game…



As a German who isn’t interested in soccer (comparatively few football fans here) and doesn’t watch it at all I get what you mean. It is a part of culture that I cannot take part in.

And sports that get big in business (like soccer in most of the world, or football, baseball, basketball, and ice hockey in the US) start to become something more than just the sport.

Combined the culture and business aspect becomes more interesting than the actual sport.

Sometimes that hurts the sport, I think the NFL might be an example. Sure, it is nice to watch that high level of play, but college football is much more like the game should probably be. All the culture, not that much of the business.

As for the reasons to watch: I really dislike any form of gambling, so that’s something that bothers me to a degree. It is everywhere and does the sports no good IMO. Well… except that apparently it creates tons of money.

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any top 5 Offense is going to put up 60 on Denver’s defense, it’s absolutely dysfunctional, they should be firing everyone now and start the defensive side rebuild.

The Bears put up 28 on them and they are in the bottom 10 of the league.

It’s going to be rough for them, they got their 1st win, against a fellow bottom dweller.

But they got KC 2x and Buffalo in a 4 game stretch.