Aginor's weird NFL thread


Jeez…give me a heart attack against the Rams there. A normal Eagles game.


Miami played true to form…



If you guys like football and get Fox Sports Southwest, the Texas 6A state championship is on. Lots of great athletes out there. Maybe an NFLer or two.


Oh no.
Just started my stream of the Cowboys game and the first thing I see is Tyrone Crawford being carted away on a stretcher with a neck injury.
Hope he is OK. :frowning:

Today on German TV:
Eagles vs. Texans


Most exciting game played in Cowboys Stadium this year…

60k People watching a High School game…


Have y’all seen that epic tackle of the Atlanta punter (Bosher)? Awesome!

And Jarvis Landry threw a 63 yard pass! Not bad for a wide receiver!



The Boys are back in town! (In the playoffs)

Next up on German TV:
Steelers vs. Saints


Go Browns!


A great season for the Browns.
Who would have thought they would be 7-7-1 at this point?
Playoffs next year!


LOL…the Eagles. Finding the most difficult way to win.


There are no easy wins in the NFL, and especially in December. The Eagles fought for sixty minutes in that game and that’s why they won.

Also - Denver went after the wrong playoff hero last year.


It was a great game!


I thought there were some bad calls in that game (the missed face-mask was probably the worst) but I really think the Eagles caught a break with the roughing the passer call when Clowney hit Foles in the chest. I mean…again, slowing it down does no good service there, these guys are flying and I just don’t know how you call that roughing the passer. Same with the very inadvertent hand to the helmet by the Eagles earlier in the game. I get it…they are trying to protect all the players, but man…I don’t know about some of these calls.

Just relieved we caught a break when we needed one. I could have used the Vikings to lose today.

Congrats on the NFC East championship @Aginor - well earned in the tail end of this season…they might be shaping up just in time!


#1 Problem for the Steelers IMO:
Mike Tomlin.
The playcalling was…weird sometimes.

But they can still make the playoffs!
A win against the Bengals aaaandddd…
The Browns have to beat the Ravens.


So funny story:

My girlfriend’s cousin’s wife’s father literally lives next door to Mike Tomlin in Pittsburgh, and actually leaves notes in his mailbox with suggestions for the team. I’m sure he’ll be leaving a novel there tomorrow.


I think his main problem is that he is a gambler. Sometimes he takes stupidly high risks with low rewards.
Sure, sometimes they work and then they are awesome, but often they don’t and cost the Steelers the game.


So I need the Bears to beat the Vikings, and my Eagles to beat the Redskins.


Yep. :slight_smile:


Our Eagles…


Today on German TV:
Texans vs. Jaguars

Also watching the Cowboys game, not expecting a lot though as they will play with a lot of backup guys since they have the playoffs clinched.