Aginor's weird NFL thread


Russell Wilson also threw his third interception a minute ago. Weird day.
He had, like, six INT all season, and three today.


…make that four.
Although that last one was the receiver’s fault.


Packers are looking strong tonight

Man @Aginor I just realized how late you have to stay up to watch these games


Haha yeah. The first game is OK but the second one ends at around 2 AM here.
Still worth it quite often :slight_smile:


Did I say four?
It were five now!


I have to admit I found that game pretty satisfying to watch lol


It seems it was turnover day last night.
Drew Brees threw three INTs, Dak Prescott two, Russel Wilson five, Ben Rothlisberger three, Philip Rivers three.

With the exception of Rivers all of those guys normally don’t throw that much interceptions (if any), both Prescott and Wilson for example threw as many INTs yesterday as in the rest of the season.
Eli Manning sack-fumbled twice and threw an INT.

Quite a lot of fumbles by RB and receivers as well, Broncos players dropped two for example.

I am almost happy that I didn’t have the opportunity to watch the Cowboys game, seems that except turnovers there wasn’t much in it. The Giants managed to win, and I guess it is a good thing that this loss didn’t happen in some really important game so Dak, Zeke and the guys can just analyze how it happened, and move on to win some more games.
Great work by both defenses it seems, I only could watch parts of the review video, will watch the rest later.


Today on German TV:
Lions vs. Giants
Patriots vs. Broncos


Sorry @BeachAV8R Eagles are out.
Cowboys won against Buccaneers, but in a less than stellar game it seems. Jason Witten fumbled the ball??? WTF…

Anyway, the playoff picture clears up a bit now it seems. Cardinals (poor little Angry Birds :cry: ) and Bengals are out now as well.


Yeah…I actually thought it was a good idea for them to go for the 2-point conversion at the end of that game yesterday, even though they ended up not getting it. Their season was pretty much done anyway, and another 10 or 15 minutes of football in overtime wouldn’t do anything but possibly injure someone…so better to have gone for the win than just lose (probably) in overtime. Great start of the season, but it never shaped up to anything. Gonna be a tough decade ahead for the Eagles if Dak is going to be our divisional boogey-man… Ugh…


I was still pretty impressed by the Eagles’ own rookie QB! If Wentz manages to cause a few less turnovers he will actually be pretty good I think.

Concerning Dak, Zeke, and the rest of the 'boys: If they manage to retain that momentum, yes, then the division will be interesting for the next few years.
Giants have guys like OBJ and Manning, and a horror defense it seems, Redskins have Cousins, Jackson, Crowder, and Garcon, and if the Eagles bring their A-game they have lots of options. Using those options when it is big-play time is what they lack a bit at the moment.

In fact I am somewhat surprised by the Giants’ performance: They are pretty much single-tactic. No running game. And the pass defense is… well, sometimes great sometimes not. Still they beat the versatile Cowboys twice while nobody else could (some coming close but not enough).

I had not expected the Eagles to end up last in the division to be honest. They have potential.


Thanks Eagles!
(they assured the Cowboys clinch the NFC East division title and thus the home field advantage in the playoffs)
…also they beat those Giants that ruined the perfect season for the Cowboys :wink: :smile:


No problem. That means we did TWO great things this season.

  1. We helped your Cowboys.

  2. I don’t think we murdered anyone IN the stadium this year.*

    • Well, that or the body hasn’t been found yet…

So there’s that.


My wife got me a Football for Christmas.
…and it seems I can’t inflate it because I lack a pump…

Today on German TV:
Vikings vs. Packers
Buccaneers vs. Saints or Colts vs. Raiders (whichever is more interesting)


Not with that kind of attitude! Purse those lips and start blowing soldier! :wink:


That would only produce deflate-gate level results I think. :smile:


Oh no injury day!
Lockett, Chancellor, Carr, Mariota and a few others.

In other news: The Browns won their first game!
A Christmas miracle! :smile:



Well I think they are still by far the worst team this season so I assume they will get the #1 pick.


A good draft prospect should solve all their problems…