Aircraft Flight Characteristics/Performance Modification (L-39C)

I’ve been flying the L-39C and am amazed at how close the flying dynamics are to the real thing. I suspect most of the AI-25s here in the US are tired as outright thrust is a bit more in the model but everything else is fantastically close to the three different un-modified L-39Cs I’ve flown.

I’ve generated some much lighter weight examples with a Garrett TFE731-3 (and -5) engine installation. I’m interested in tuning a separate version of the L-39C in the DCS environment that more closely resembles our planes. Is this possible if the modified versions are kept far away from any public servers or interactions?

Specifically, I’d like to address the following-
Thrust is a true 3700 lbs which seems in line with the existing DCS L-39C model.
Weight of our planes has been reduced to around 6000 lbs empty. This affects every aspect of the performance envelope.
Throttle response is significantly better given the TFE731’s Digital Electronic Engine Control or DEEC.
Specific fuel consumption is much less with the higher bypass fan and higher compression of the TFE731 series. Typical 39C consumption is 150 g/hr at 350 Ktas and FL28. The TFE731 reduces that number to 100 g/hr.



I don’t know about how to go about modding the model, but you might consider reducing the fuel load to an appropriate amount for a given weight you want to simulate, and then turn on ‘unlimited fuel’ in game options. Not ideal, but might help.

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