An hour wasted

Don’t you love it when you waste time? I mean…like…completely waste time. Argh!

So I spent the last hour trying to figure out why my Steam launch parameters for Arma 2 weren’t working correctly. I thought my syntax might be wrong, or that I was doing something else wrong…searched online, read wikis, watched YouTube tutorials on how to install stuff. Finally gave up in frustration. Made a sandwich. Opened a bottle of Peligrino, and sat back down.

On a whim - opened up Browse Local Files in the A2 OA properties tab of Steam and mother F - the files are on my C drive, not my F drive! (I have Steam installs on both). For some reason, I have A2:OA installed on F drive as well, but the target where my actual (working) install is is on the C drive. So without the mod files on the C drive, I was just doing all that work for nothing.



Ugh, that is a waste of an hour. Perrier is obviously the better mineral water, and cheaper in the US, too!

LOL…well, to be fair, our local Food Lion (yeah…that’s the name of our grocery store) had Peligrino on sale for some ridiculously low price because…well, because people around here in the sticks probably don’t even know what it is. Besides…I enjoy exceeding my recommended daily allowance of uranium…


Ab hour spent learning seems hardly wasted… :wink: