An interesting look at SACM (G-force training)

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When the U.S. Air Force selects you to potentially fly a “high G” aircraft, you must attend centrifuge training to help learn techniques to remain conscious through the G forces you could experience in the jet.

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Seems $ well spent…in my last life (career) I had the privilege of a few backseat rides in a Viper (Air-2-ground & BFM).

I was in pretty good shape at the time ---- and it kicked my arse! Max 7.5 G’s on one flight (configuration limit). Bout busted a nut trying to keep from going to sleep.

May be worse too when; a) you’re not trained [though I did know about the M1 maneuver and such], and b) when you’re not the one ‘pulling on the pole’ you start out behind the curve - kinda like driving: you hit the brakes/or turn; your passengers physically react more than you. Probably some scientific term for that. Dunno…