Any electricians?

I’ve got a wiring issue at my house that I cant sort.
I’m replacing a ceiling fan with a new one, but the previous owner has done something that I cant figure out.
The switch that controls the fan/light combo, is one in a bank of 4. The three others control the porch and deck lights.
However, I’ve got a single light switch that controls the main room lights, but is somehow lopped in with the ceiling fan switch. I’ve taken disconnected them all and didnt anticipate this much issue, otherwise I’d have marked what was what. So what I’m left with are 3 black wires (one hot, two not), 2 white wires (neutral and not hot) and a green ground. On the ceiling fan, I’ve got a green, a white, a blue and a black.
When I connected the whites together, the two non-hot blacks, greens and the blue, black to the hot, I got the fan to spin, but the one off switch that controlled my interior main room lights wouldnt work. So something is incorrectly connected. Any ideas?


Looks like you’ve got three way switches for your ceiling fan and living room lights. Let me know if this helps:

I’m guessing the blue on the fan side is for the motor (or speed control?), and black is for the light- any chance of getting a brand/ model on the fan and looking up a spec sheet for it?

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