Any further DCS P-51D development sighted?

I found some mention in this post by Racoon, but that was eight months ago. With the imminent release of the Normandy '44 map, I’ve begun getting Mustang time. She’s like the girl you’ve known most of your life, but whom went unnoticed. Then suddenly a light comes on, and you ask “where have you been all my life?” Still, it goes without saying that a period correct D model (no IFF, no radar) would be much appreciated. Looking forward to escort missions and supply route interdiction.

Systems modeling
Training missions
Exterior 3D modeling
Fly-by sound of glorious Merlin
Lots of skins in User Files

Cockpit 3D modeling looks somewhat flat and lacks texturing in VR compared to the Spit and Dora. However it looks fine in 2D.
Late Pacific equipment (not needed in the ETO)

Edits: found a bunch of good liveries in the User Files area of the DCS web site.

As far as I know it involves tweaking the engine to use higher octane gas available in the ETO. Beyond that its anyone’s guess.