Any must play recommendations in the last 2-3 years?

So the new gaming laptop arrives tomorrow (when the wife says get a laptop now and build a rig after the new CPU’s and GPU’s are released you don’t argue). I’ve been on my midtier gaming laptop for the last 6 years, so it’s definitely behind the times and my gaming has reflected that.

Probably the last AAA mainstream title I picked up was Dishonored 2. What are everyone’s must plays from the last couple of years? I’ll play pretty much everything except sports titles (that’s what the console is for).

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Red Dead Redemption 2 is a great game, and will last you quite a few hours.

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Not a lot of AAA games, but I’ll add Prey if you enjoyed DH2.

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Not sure if that came before or after DH2 but Dying Light was fun.

Fallen Order was also good save for the repetitive location thing, if you’re so inclined.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance comes to mind as well. Not really AAA, but good story and fun gameplay if you like challenging combat mechanics.

Wolfenstein: New Colossus perhaps?

Those two sprang to mind when I read the thread title.

Besides those two: It depends on the genres you like of course, but I’d say “Innocence: A Plague Tale” is a good one as well.
And the latest Tomb Raider games.

I might be an odd one but the only two semi recent games I’ve played through to the campaign finish are XCOM2 and Battletech.

RDR2 I will definitely put on the list.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance looks good, I need to get the new Mount and Blade as well. I was a supporter of the original back in the olden days. Dying Light I’ll take under advisement I’m not a huge horror game player, but if it’s got a STALKER or Metro vibe I’d be down. Innocence: A Plague Tale honestly looked to be more depressing than entertaining, but if you guys say it’s good I’ll short list it. Fallen Order looked good, and man I haven’t played a Tomb Raider game since the N64.

I never did finish the original XCom, I should do that. And BattleTech was fun until it got punitive in the later portions of the campaign. I kind of lost interest at that point.

ARMA is always fun to fire up on a new rig and see how it still runs like ■■■■. I think a couple more generations we’ll be able to max it out at 4k.


I have enjoyed Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey. I haven’t come close to finishing it yet. Far Cry 4 wasn’t bad and I just started Far Cry 5 today (on sale right now for $9 on on Steam)>>

Really enjoined the Witcher 3.

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If you’re into “Tactical Shooters”, Insurgency: Sandstorm. Released about a year and a half ago, it’s just been getting better and more optimized and better with age.

My next choice would be Squad.

My next choice would be all those other WWII games based on Squad.

I’ve still got finish the first 2 Witchers, the 3rd is on the list though.

I thought about picking up Post Scriptum, the game play looks good and it’s been ages since I played a WW2 shooter MP.

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I think I avoided that (not particularly intentionally) by doing a lot of random contracts between campaign missions…so I had a lance that was quite comfortable for the campaign missions by the time I got to them.

So if you’re keen to give it another whack I suggest doing contracts until you’ve got a few assault mechs and some ++/+++ weapons. Campaign life is a lot easier with more tonnage and skilled pilots.

I did most of the late campaign with 2 x Banshees (just what I got first - not a great assault mech on the numbers but has enough armour to push through most missions), a storyline Highlander and a Marauder. So what’s that…a 355 ton lance, I think. At that tonnage you’re the one providing the punitive treatment :grin:


I used 3 assault mechs and a Catapult with LRM+++. Also the Gauss Cannon on the Atlas is insane. Pretty much easy mode.


Yeah I used a Catapult with stock LRMs to great effect, even better when I got some stability damage versions…often knocked the enemy’s heaviest mech down with them while the AC20/melee brawlers were sprinting up to him to wrap things up.


I’d have to look at what my drop weight was, but I’d guess 350+. One particular mission was just flat out punitive.

On another note, how is No Man’s Sky these days?

Heard good things but haven’t played myself.