Any rock guitarists here?


Big Rock music fan here, an old fogey now, hitting 60 in July (where did the the years go?) LOL

Seriously though, have seen many of the greats over the years, focused on Pink Floyd mostly, Deep Purple too … massive Blackmore fan.

Always wanted to see Led Zeppelin, but it never happened … that’s not quite true either though, saw Page n Plant at Glasgow on the Clarksdale tour … n sure enough they played a lot of Zep live stuff too, close enough for me and it was awesome to watch and see.

Dug out some Zeppelin stuff recently and was most impressed again, this is Jimmy Pages violin solo from way back, the sound he gets is absolutely chilling, when I saw it back then was totally mesmerised, Jimmy’s solo at Glasgow was similar, but nothing like this in Zeppelin days … older now and know how guitar effects work ETC, but this is still something else … ordered a violin bow from Ebay this week to try for myself … was surprised, they come in different sizes, bought a 1/2 one … a good place to start, I guess :slight_smile:


I’m right with in age and concert experiences. My best friend when I was a wee lad had an older brother who was really into rock, went to Woodstock, and steered us in the right direction. My first two albums that I saved paper route money for were Zeppelin 1 and the Who, Live at Leeds, to give you a perspective.

I’ve played guitar off and on for about 20 years, but never in a serious band. 3 or 4 of us get together once a month for a garage band session, which is a hell of a lot of fun. But it probably sounds pretty grim if you are not making the noise. Mostly, I like to play a Les Paul through any Fender type tube circuit amp with minimal effects, perhaps a reverb or delay at most. At home a champ clone that a fella made for me is perfect, but take a Swart tweed to garage band night. I don’t get crazy swapping tubes, speakers, and pedals. Les Paul through a crunchy tweed is sufficient for my needs. Acoustic and ukulele get some play too. Did not try a uke until having kids, but love them now.


As a guy in his mid 40’s I only wish I could have seen Floyd in their prime.


I have to comment … when I see Led Zeppelin and people wished they’d have seen them live at they’re peak. I did see them at they’re peak. I guess it was a bad night, every band has them I suppose. Jimmy Pages guitar was soooooo out of tune I just about couldn’t stand listening to them, I wanted to get up on stage and tune the damn thing myself. It really was horrible. Obviously he couldn’t hear himself clearly, stage monitor’s were just beginning to be used then, and they we’re soooo loud it was painful. It was a shame, I like Led Zeppelin and was looking forward to this. It was definitely the worst, of the many concerts I went to in the 70’s. I’ve always wondered if this was a “one off” or were they all getting drugged out and just didn’t care anymore ? I don’t know.


Come now prof, we know it was you taking the “medicinals” :wink::joy:


Sorry about your bad experience. I saw them in late 70’s during their Houses of the Holy tour in Pittsburgh. Fantastic! Still have my ticket stub - $12.50 to see Led Zep.

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Worst concert I ever went to was a Ratt show at Will Rogers Convention Center in Fort Worth. The guitarist was so stoned, they had to take him off the stage and continue without him.

Best live show ever was U2. Saw them twice, both times they brought their A-game.


I like to play now and then on my telecaster. Usually I play acoustic, since I spent most of my time actually as a singer and it’s hard to sing along the amps at home. Rock was dying a painful slow death as I was a teenager, with Nirvana and Pearl Jam as some islands in an otherwise deserted sea. I saw the stones for their 50 year concert in London and thought to myself, why did I spend hard earned money to watch this ■■■■ from afar with all these square rich old people?! I was definitely born in the wrong decade… But just as I never got to be a fighter pilot and I can still pop DCS and pretend, sometimes I pop out the old axe and slay some distorted riffs at home, in one of my nerdy attempts to be cool.

Played a couple of weddings and parties before I realized it was too much hassle… :slight_smile:


Count me in the now and then guitar player. Either acoustic or Bass. Maybe one day I’ll find the time to play more often, once I can safely play without my kids attacking the guitar. Always had to go for a Martin, but that was mostly because of where they are made. Over the years plenty of relatives and high school classmates worked there, some even managed to do something other than pack strings :smiley:

But bands having an off night in concerts, I can see that. I remember Nirvana being utterly boring and decidedly not into it the night I saw them. The surprise best concert was Hootie and the Blowfish. not ashamed to admit that, they were outstanding live, same with the band Live.

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The last time I played with a group was a week before my wedding. My wife sent me off to go spend some time with my college buddies. We gathered up our instruments and played in one of the guys’ barn for a couple of days. We drank beer, ate steaks, jammed for an evening, and tried in vain to fight off adulthood for at least one night.

It caught up with us all.


Chip, that’s awesome, never played properly in a band either, jammed from time to time, but that was about it … its a long story, but from about 14 years old was fascinated with guitars and was really getting there, but come 17 ish discovered Motorcycles and the Ladys too … and that was it for like decades, LOL, spent every penny I earned on Bikes and fast living, not the outlaw style of Biking, but the Sports style, many a track day is under my belt, one of my pals was the Scottish 600cc champ for years.

I’m bleathering again, but ultimately I’ve slowed down in life once more and started leaning on my music roots again, it was strange to pick up a guitar again but was surprised how little I knew all those years ago came flooding back … even riffs and scales I used to play slowly came back much faster than expected.

I often wonder what my playing would be like if Motorcycling had never happened? … but no regrets there, met some of the best friends you could ever hope to meet via Biking … life is full of ifs and buts, no regrets with the path I chose :slight_smile:

Just now it is a pleasure to pick up guitars again and I can now afford good ones that I only dreamt about when I was a teenager, have several guitars now and most importantly, know where I’m going with my playing these days :slight_smile:

Prof, really jealous of you for seeing a full Led Zeppelin show, but I can assure you pal, Jimmy Pages guitar would not have been out of tune, Jimmy is an absolute perfectionist that way … but know where you are coming from, have heard some truly awful Zep Bootlegs of lives shows, but heard some excellent ones too … the time I saw Page n Plant at Glasgow … in hindsight, would describe it as mediocre, fair to middling, it was fun to see Jimmy and Robert on stage doing old Zep numbers, but it was no Led Zeppelin.

As a slight tangent, near Inverness … Loch Ness where I live, Jimmy Page once owned the old Alistair Crowley mansion on the shore of the Loch … the whole Alistair Crowley thing is as creepy as anything, all that black magic stuff, very creepy stuff, went up that way with Biker friends for a Sunday run once, its on the opposite side of Loch Ness, the other side is the main tourist and travel route down to Fort William, there is like this ancient cemetery near the house … sadly its been desecrated with spray graffiti on ancient grave stones from Zep fans from all over the world wanting to leave their mark … very sad

The house itself “Bolskine House” is burned down now from a couple of years ago, mystery fire, a rich Dutch family owned it at time, the cynic in me screams insurance job, but who knows?

I have a video from exploring inside on disk somewhere from a Ukrainian Zep fan lady before the fire, but this is one recent youtube vid from a Zep fan (I guess) from after the fire.


Absolutely! Wasted, tired, over-toured, pissed off, broke, bad acoustics, or victim of your own success. Not only that but music being highly subjective, I have times when I just not taking it in or I need a change. Or both. On the other hand, I’ve been dragged to shows that I really had no interest (a Steely Dan cover band in Omaha) and been amazed. Part of the deal. One might argue that when a band is at the height of their success, they’ve already peaked and are less inclined to deliver their best effort. Ebbs and flows.

Most of my favorite Zeppelin performances are from '69 and '70. Back when Plant had to introduce the band and Page was playing a Tele.


Rock guitarist, hmm, possibly. My musical roots are my brother playing Appetite for Destruction and Faith No More’s Angel Dust up and down for hours.

In my mid teens, my sis introduced me to Zep, started listening to late 60ies and 70ies stuff, rock, early heavy metal. Her boyfriend was more into Dream Theater, i started absorbing that too. Looked a bit into Prog Rock and Prog Metal. By 20 i started to develop a liking for Fusion. Lots of Zawinuls Weather Report and Pastorius catalogue. Got my mind blown by Snarky Puppy. The list goes on. :slight_smile:

I come from a rather musical family, my parents really pushed both my siblings and me to learn an instrument from an early age. I played a little piano at first and around age 7 I picked up classical violin. Played until i was 17 but in my teens i got rather bored with it for some reason. I never really had the drive to practice until i started playing guitar at 16. Spent every waking hour not in school playing up and down the Beatles Complete piano score book my father had. Learned autodidactically until 18, took a few lessons with a befriended session musician.

While in military service, i decided to move to Graz to study electrical/audio engineering, that came with 5 semesters of guitar practice with the University of Arts in Graz. Started a hard rock cover band with a few fellow students around that time, all very talented musicians, after about a year we started playing local clubs, earning a little on the side (we spent every last penny on equipment :stuck_out_tongue:). When the other guitarist was finished with university, that band dissolved. The drummer and bassist wanted me for another project, again a cover band but less focused on rock, also playing funk and pop. Played a few parties here and there, then started playing weddings, “Zeltfeste”, also the odd company Christmas party.

In 2016 i got a bit fed up for various reasons and quit. I wanted to expand as a player and founded a band with some friends to dive into Jazz and Fusion, which was a bit arrogant in retrospective, given that we all work day jobs and don’t have 8 hours a day to practice. We haven’t rehearsed in 1 or 2 months so i think we’re about to dissolve out of disinterest.

Maybe I will rejoin my old band either on guitar or on bass if they’ll have me (they recently kicked the guy that replaced me), if not I’ll just spend the time on proper practice for a change. After 18 odd years of playing guitar I still enjoy getting better and learning new stuff.

Have to go to work now, so equipment will come later. :smirk:


I play a 12 bar blues for my kids when they whine about not liking dinner, does that count?


I was told once that not asking for permission is a big part of being a rock musician. :wink:


I turned 50 last week and I’ve been playing off and on for 35 years, I guess. Mostly a closet guitarist, but I’ve played in a band (nothing serious) and for a while with another guitarist. I haven’t played much in the last 5 years. I have beautiful red strat that I don’t really like, a Bad Karma (Korean made LP knock off), and an Ibaneze RG (my favorite). Oh, and a yamaha acoustic up under my bed. I’ve got a Mesa Boogie Dual rectifier roadster that is WAY more amplifier than I need, but sounds awesome. I really aught to sell that one.
I’ve also got a Blackheart class-A 3-5 watt amp that sounds fantastic. 3 Watts is still pretty loud. Oh, and a Fender G-DEC, which is pretty cool for just jamming alone.

I still remember the first time I played with a band – we played Judas Priest’s “Living After Midnight” and I can still feel the chills I got when we would play the chorus. I’ll never forget that. My brother (a drummer) and I would play every Friday night in our garage – it was fun for us, but at my current age, I think I owe my neighbors several apologies.


Speaking of dads and garage bands…so true. WARNING NSFW

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Returning to where i left (babbling :stuck_out_tongue:), equipment:

Started off on some cheap ass acoustic, moved to a cheap ass Strat clone half a year later. The first actual proper guitar i bought is a 2003 Gibson Les Paul Classic. It’s still my main guitar for playing live, even though with what i know now, i could have gotten much more bang for a little more buck not buying a Gibson but going to a renowned luthier and getting one custom built. Still given what I’ve heard of their more recent QA issues, i seem to have been rather lucky with mine. The PUs are not stock, the 2003 classic came with stupendously hot ceramic humbuckers which i replaced with a pair of Seymour Duncan Alnico II Pros (yes i am a sucker for that Appetite for Destruction sound :blush:).

My second guitar is a 2007 Ibanez RG 2570, listened to a lot of Vai and Van Halen during that time so i needed a proper whammy specimen. I modded the tone knob with a push pull to split the coils to make it more versatile, but the Dimarzio/ibz humbuckers don’t sound all that great split. Overall still a great guitar, especially for the price, but i’ve grown to dislike the wide as f*** Ibanez wizard necks. I have rather girly hands, so with experience i have come to accept that classic, narrower neck shapes simply work better for me (btw. any takers? I’m thinking about selling it… :wink:)

My most recent acquisition i built myself from scratch with the help of a luthier. It’s shaped like a PRS custom 22 with a few idiosyncrasies (like a compound fingerboard radius and a custom inlay). It has superseded the Ibanez as my main practice guitar, although i hesitate to use it live (there’s a few things i f***ed up, like the high e string being a smidge too close to the edge of the frets, making it a tiny bit prone to be pulled off the fretboard, or the combination of a floating trem and the saddle being done just ever so slightly not right which leads to it being a bit unstable in tune). Still, the oiled and waxed neck feels great and it just overall feels like it was made for my hands. Which it was, sort of. :slight_smile:

The LP and the Custom 22 (in the middle)

Pedal wise i’m a bit of a minimalist. This was my floorboard for most of my professional live gigs (the right one, NOT the one on the left ) :smiley:

A trusty Korg DT-10 tuner, built like a tank, doubles as a deadly projectile for when the keyboardist won’t stop soloing. Then into a Dunlop Crybaby wah, a Boss CH-1 chorus, a DigiTech TR-7 rotary simulator, a Boss DD-6 delay and that was it.

Ampwise i played a Marshall JCM 2000 TSL 602 60 Watt combo for a long time, what can i say, it does what a Marshall amp does. Crunch. It does it really well. Want something else than crunch? Go play something else. At some point i wanted more, so i sold it. Also, as a 60kg flyweight, hauling around an amp half your own weight has its difficulties. The devil take that unfortunate engineer though that thought it a good idea to use a DIN plug for the footswitch. I’m not a Marshall fan boy but everything about that cab was built to survive a Mk82 to the face (i kid), everything but the footswitch plug, that failed after 2 or 3 years of road use. Took me two days to replace that mofo with a proper XLR plug.

Next was a Carvin V3M 50 Watt. Really cool little amp, very light and extremely versatile, no complaints. Built a set of 2 1x12 cabinets for it myself with a colleague (one is barely visible in the picture of the guitars at the very top). The downside to squeezing 50 Watts out of 4 EL84 tubes is that the power section goes through a set of tubes like it is nothing (a conservative power setting would probably be 25 or 30 Watts for 4 EL84s). At one point the power section went from completely ok to unplayably microphonic in the course of one wedding, which forced me to change the tubes and rebias the power section between sets. I grew really tired of having to shell out 80€ for a set of 4 matched EL84s once or twice a year so I sold that amp too, with a tear though. It just sounded awesome.

At that point i was a bit fed up with actual tube amps, so when i tried the Kemper of a friend, i was immediately sold. Got a used unit in a case and the footswitch and haven’t looked back a second.

This concludes the story of my equipment journey. :upside_down_face:


I think we have a good thread rolling here, awesome instruments and pedals Sobek.

Do recognise some, have good guitars here, always hankered after the Pink Floyd “one of these days” sound, do have a very good Fender precision Bass, am getting there, but that precise sound Roger did and Tribute bands did so well I am struggling with.



Another good band am going to see this year are Kings X, superb band, once in Glasgow and once with rock friends in Wolverhampton UK, very excited about this one.

Kings X are the best.

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