Anyone having problems staying logged in?

It seems I have to log in every time I visit the forums. Is anyone else having issues staying logged in ?

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Only on those PCs where I have cookies blocked and such stuff.

No issues at all. Stronk forum software, comrade.

I’ve started getting logouts in the last couple of days too. I think it is related to using multiple PCs, phones etc and the Chat plugin doing something wrong.

I’ve got a tweak to try, but if that doesn’t work then I’ll have to kill Chat until it is fixed, because it’s a pain to relogin all the time.

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Thanks Fearless. I mainly surf on my iPad. I am having the same issue on my Windows 10 laptop too.

Ok, the site tweak didn’t help, in that I can go from PC and login, then login on another PC and then the first one is logged out. I think I can see what the Chat plugin is doing wrong, but I need to turn it off and then narrow it down to prove this is it.

Hopefully not goodbye to chat, more au revoir!


I have no issues staying logged in. I browse on my desktop, laptop, tablet, and phone. If I log out of the site on one device it logs me out on all of them. However I have to log back in on each one but as long as I’m logged in I have no issues