Apologies - and don't be offended

Hello Guys…

Just wanted to drop a line here to let you know I’ve been spread a bit thin over the last few weeks, and will be for the coming weeks as lots of life items and site items are coming due all at once. The forums traffic is through the roof right now - which is fantastic…and I try to participate in as much as I can but am finding myself unable to keep up with all of the topics. I see a post, make a mental note to get back to it, and it ends up cluttered under the detritus of my mental Post-It notes…LOL… So my apologies if I have missed something, or if you are wondering why I didn’t get back to you when I said I would.

The forums traffic is lively and fun, and I think we have a great (and growing) bunch of members…so we are a victim of both our and your success as you guys are driving the traffic. As the site “co-owner” I feel responsible for participating in as much as I can…but find myself scrambling a bit. So the gist of this message is that I just don’t want anyone to feel ignored…I’m trying my best to carve up my time.

This month and the next few are an interesting time at work with my recurrent simulator and ground school training, plus an FAA attended checkride, so I’m boning up on my regs and ops manual stuff. We also lost a pilot from our group a couple weeks ago who took another job opportunity, and these days it takes nearly three months to get a replacement trained, through company indoc, checkride, and on the line…so all of us are having to cover that gap in the schedule. Throw in a six year old, and all the other day to day life stuff, and I’m wishing I had 36 hours in each 24 hour day.

No worries on the events - I’ll still be flying the Christmas Flight and will join the MP events as much as I can. Mostly I just wanted to apologize if you didn’t get a thank-you for your participation in the site, a “welcome” to the new members, and a reassurance that we plan some great stuff for 2017. (I’m going to send @EinsteinEP to Viggen school I think…LOL…)

In the old days (pre-kid) I would have had an X-Plane 11 quick review article up within a week or so - but that just isn’t possible at this point…but I think we’ve had some good impressions from multiple knowledgeable sources in our X-Plane threads…so it is really nice to gauge the X-Plane beta with those multiple viewpoints. Thanks to all those that have posted their impressions.

We try to go for “On Target Information”…but our “Time on Target” is usually a bit slower than most… :turtle:

Thanks again for frequenting the site, thanks for the support, and thanks for the great friendship and community you all have built here.

Chris “BeachAV8R” Frishmuth


Don’t push or punish yourself, @BeachAV8R. I am glad to be part of this positive community and we do not need to have our rock stars burn out. Parcel out the things that drag you down or that you can’t get to. This is a great community and we need to take to the next level, where we get more involved and become leaders ourselves. We all need to chip in and help the team that started Mudspike keep this potential going. I love what has been built here and we all need to keep adding more stones.