Apply specular mapping to the existing DCS World model of the F16

Hey @SkateZilla, I’m awfully sorry to bother you…
I need the littlest help.
If I wanted to apply specular mapping to the existing DCS World model of the F16, how would I do so, in the Description.lua?

EDIT: Right now the F16 in DCS has only the textures and in the new lighting engine it looks like totally plasticy… if I could apply even simple specular textures (I’ve got them ready, already) it’d improve dramatically.

DCSW Default F-16 model is old and does not have a Specular Map Applied in 3DS Max.

Well there’s your problem right there. Mediocre jet, mediocre results

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You can edit properties via the JSON.

For Example:


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Uhmm… that’s interesting.
Whats Json?

Launch the DCS World 2.0 Model Viewer.

Open the F-16 EDM File from /DCS World/Bazar/World/Shapes/F-16.edm (or A/C etc).

Open Web Browser,


Edit Common Opague Values and Common Transparent Values.

save to JSON Button when Finished.

make Backup of the Original JSON File First (in same folder as EDM)

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You are my hero.

You rang?

Basically it is a human readable file format that is widely used in IT to exchange and to a lesser extent store information.

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Just when I thought I was sorta proficient…

I bow to You guys… :blush: