Back from my 4k MC trip...

Just got back from my just under, 4,000 mile motorcycle trip.

First I road up to Virginia, stayed with a old Army buddy, used that as my base of Operations… went to some local Civil War battle spots, then up to Watkins Glen for the sport car race, then to Gettysburg… wife flew up, first we went to Arlington Nation Cemetery, then we went to Washington D.C. on the 4th of July, all roads were closed so we rented bikes and had full freedom on the roads. Was awesome.

Then we left for the Blue Ridge Parkway, took 3 days, 469 miles… Day 1 unseasonable HOT, day 2 rain, day 3 rain and fog… but we made it, then the Great Smoky Mountains… then a direct 11 hour ride down i75 back home. Our ass’s and leg’s HURT.

Got photo albums on my Facebook, and videos and slideshows on my You Tube…

Now how is this for the day 3 ride…


Looks great Magnum.

Any near misses or incidents with cars? I would love to do something like this one day, but my wife is fairly convinced I’ll be road condiment pretty quick - people don’t seem to give bikes enough respect on the road. I personally think I’d be fine (because, well it wouldn’t happen to me, I’d be careful :slight_smile:) and interstate would be fine, but was wondering after a decent trip like that you had any perspectives on it through experience?

Actually traffic was extremely lite, so no problem there… now I understand that during the Fall, it is better looking, and also more crowed…

I did have one incident, first day, one of the first stops, it was a last minute decision to pull into a overlook, on a incline… dropped it at slow turn speed, Bike and I were OK, wife has a memory, lol…


I did something much like that last week too… Took out my break handle in some weird manner. I was already at a dead stop and my foot slipped thanks to a broken shoe… Alas!

Reads like a wonderful trip! Welcome back!

That LOOKS like the Blue Ridge Parkway…at least 50% of the time I’m on it anyway…

Enjoyed the video slideshow - what the heck happened at :43 seconds - the kickstand collapse?

Oh…you answered that later in the thread…LOL…

Did you take a side trip up Mt. Mitchell? That is kinda fun…and cold…or coolish in the summer.

Ya I did, pics in that BRP slideshow, also got 360 pictures of it on my Facebook… the only place the 360 pics seem to work, videos on You Tube.


Sounds like you had a Great trip,Is that The New Harley Engine? “Milwaukee 8”? The Wife and I have a “small” trip planned for Labor Day weekend.Going to Milwaukee for Harley’s 115th anniversary…and catch a CUB/BREWERS Game.

My 2013 HD RoadGlide


yep, 2017 Ultra Limited with the 108.

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