Battleship North Carolina - Kingfisher Simulator

So, shameless plug here, mostly directed at our East coast American members. I volunteer whenever I can on the Battleship North Carolina in Wilmington, NC as a tour guide and docent, usually hanging out in one of the engine rooms on certain Saturdays. For anybody who can make it down, August 13th will be the last Battleship 101 for the year, and I’ll be working my old trust post in the #1 Engine Room. In addition, I was just asked to train on operating and running the OS2U Kingfisher simulator that one of the volunteers got up and running a while back. I don’t know what platform it’s running on, but stand by for more information come next weekend!

More info on Battleship 101 here:

And for anybody who’s really feeling nerdy and wants to spend a whole day learning about shipboard engineering systems, there’s also a power plant tour we do every year. I talk about the electrical generation and distribution systems for the ship:

Anyway, if any of y’all ever wants to make it down (@Mudcat, @BeachAV8R, @531Ghost, I’m looking at you guys), let me know and we can grab a beer and some seafood afterwards.


I’m not really ever out that way but I’ll have to remember it’s out there.

Out of the BBs, I’ve only been on the Texas that I can remember. I should’ve visited the Alabama when I lived in Pensacola but just never made the stop.

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When I was in P’cola about 10 years ago, I stopped through and saw her- she was in gorgeous shape at that time.

We’re just starting construction of a cofferdam around the hull of the ship, to get her off the bottom, out of the water, and repair places where the hull is starting to rust through. It’s going to be a tough, but exciting, next couple of years.

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Almost went down there this past Saturday. Will have to see if I can make it down there on the 13th, Wife apparently took time off for an extendend weekend, so guess I have to go on vacation this weekend. Looks like I’ll be missing Preddy Fest yet again, but either way, will see if I can make it down there.

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Let me know! I’m planning on going down Friday beforehand.

bit late, but sorry we didn’t make it down, wife made a “miscalculation” in our funds available, which by the time payday rolled back around and we still had more then enough money turned into a miscalculation of a miscalculation :smile: