Beach - EAA Oshkosh?

Just wondering if you will be at Oshkosh this year, I’ll be at the A2A booth again this year with Scott and gang should you be there at all during the week or weekend and want to come say Hi.


Only Beach gets an invite? Sheesh, now I know were the rest of us sit! :wink:

Looks like the Oshkosh schedule this year is July 19th through July 26th, with quite a few events, and weekly passes are at $121 USD. I’ve always wanted to go check it out, but not going to be able to make it this year.

Hopefully a Mudspike reader (or two?) can post some AARs of their visit, if any are going.

Man…Oshkosh holds some good memories for me. I went to Oshkosh twice when I was back in college and had a blast. We actually flew into Fond du Loc, so I didn’t get the full Oshkosh fly-in experience, but it was still cool. My face was sunburned and my neck cricked for weeks afterwards. I really need to make it down to Sun & Fun one year because I love floatplanes and all that jazz. I did make it to the Oshkosh floatplane exhibit one of the years I was there.

Anyway - no, I won’t be making it this year, but with my son getting older it is a pilgrimage I want to make soon…maybe next year when he is six years old. I’d love to hear how the show goes though - post up some pics of you guys at the A2A booth!

I’m gonna be jealous!

Sorry Einstein yes of course I was asking the wider community just had some email back and forth recently with Beach. Its shaping up to be a good show week lots of interesting new aviation news and war birds seemingly planned to be announced and display. My tickets are now all booked and transport to Heathrow sorted I cannot wait,… to get back to the land of A1 Steak Sauce!

A2A will be posting throughout the week on our media outlets about our experince and the booth. If you follow @EAA on twitter its agreat for Oshkosh week to follow the overview of whats happening + certainly the #avgeek tag is worth following during the week for aviation overload direct to your feed hehe.

Just a teaser, counting the hours now until I’m at Heathrow. If you ever get the chance to attend do it, and make sure you get at least one full day just to get to see 10% of everything thats happening.

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It was amazing again and this year was a real break through year, after a slow decline this year was all on the up again the atmosphere was amazing the events great and the line up for the show was, well there are no words. I have an image on my phone that has all in one image airworthy Lancaster, B-52 and B-25 all parked next to each other and then behind me at that time was a B-17 a Zero a Corsair and a Dauntless. It was stunning!

The icing on the cake for me this year and a perk of the job was going up with the Aero Stars and experiencing my first ever aerobatics in a Yak-52. Mind blowing and whole new appreciation for the WW2 pilots who did that stuff + had to shoot guns and have a clear head throughout the G-Forces, WOW!


Wow, very jealous! Sounds like you had a great time!