Belsimtek F-5E Tiger II Armaments

Some nice news on what the Tiger will carry:

"The following armament is planned to be available for the player:

  1. Two 20-mm caliber M-39A3 cannons with rate of fire of 1500-1700 rounds per minute and ammunition of 280 rounds per gun;

  2. Two heat-seeking missiles (AIM-9B or AIM-9P) (currently we are considering these versions);

  3. Unguided bombs:

· 5x Mk-82

· 3x Mk-83

· 1x Mk-84

· 5x Mk-82 Snakeye

· 5x M-117

· MER-5 5x Mk-82

· MER-5 5x Mk-82 Snakeye;

4.Cluster bombs:

· 5хCBU-52B;

5.Guided bombs:

· 4x GBU-12 (buddy lasing or ground laser designator);

6.Unguided rockets:

· 4x LAU-61 (x19) (LAU-3 or LAU-60 could be added later)

· 4x LAU-68 (x7);

7.Flare dispenser:

· SUU-25C."

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No 120s???

And no Napalm???

No Exocets!?!?