Belsimtek UH-1H

UH-1H EGT damage modelling and engine limitations


Sounds like the engine on the UH-1H is going to get a little more complex and temperamental :slight_smile:

a “barbecue” has most temperamental xD We go to see a great quantity of Lycoming coming to the mechanic on 3,2,1…

My Huey engine catches on fire every time I start it. I’ll make a video when I get home.

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Outstanding news its about time to be fair, this and the recent announcement regarding multicrew within months sounds very exciting.

While I applaud more realism, I have thought that the EGT was a little too sensitive in that if you keep it in the green arc, the ship can barley get out of its own way, not that letting it get too hot caused failure. Apparently, I am not alone, “Likewise, specifications are usually a bit lower than what the real deal can handle”

Rotor brake? :slight_smile:

I don’t think I’ve ever blown the Huey engine, so am actually curious to see that.

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Flames just shoot out of it. I’m probably not starting it right. Battery on, inverter on, fuel on, throttle to max, hold down home key till she’s spinning.

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Huh. Missed this update until now.
That’s great!
I like any change that makes gameplay more realistic, good job!

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Roll throttle past idle then roll it back to the stop. You have too much juice going into turbine :slight_smile:


Oh I really liked this post!

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might explain why the master caution never turns off. Heres my vid.

How the new UH-1H engine improvement work.

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I talked with a guy recently who was an instructor pilot in the Hotel model during the 80s at Fort Rucker and asked him about this whole EGT issue and the need to keep my instrument scan low/deep to cover the EGT gauge. Asked him if that was real world behavior. He said no, that the critical limitation of the power system during flight was not EGT but torque, which is two spots higher up on the panel. Makes sense on instrument placement that a more critical gauge is higher up.

I wonder why Belsimtek’s SMEs are giving a different answer?